Catching my breath


RNR San Antonio is a month from today.  EEK.  I’m not really getting nervous, but after seeing the weather/race report from Chicago last weekend, I can’t help but flashback to SA last year and seeing so many people going down, people suffering, and seeing the DNF rate.  Praying for good weather.  Surprisingly enough, I haven’t thought about the race, up until today, much at all.  In fact, other than training for it, I’d actually kind of put it out of my mind.  Not on purpose, just did.

Longest practice pre-race run is next weekend. 

June was talking today about post-marathon detox and scaling back on food consumption today in her blog.  I can relate to it…in years past.  For the last 7 weeks, I haven’t been eating back the calories burned in my runs for the most part.  I ALWAYS eat those, I always eat anything I burn off in workouts and then some.  But because of “mystery condition” I haven’t really been able to.  I am really praying I haven’t trashed my metabolism with all of this.  My eating has been better the last week or two, but I am still having trouble on some days, like today:-(   I don’t want to have to eat like a bird to maintain my weight.  I want things to be normal again!

Ran Friday morning before work.  Friday is usually my DOR, but after the day I had on Thursday and my late arrival at home, I decided to move the run to Friday, especially since I have a cutback tomorrow.


Thursday started off as a decent day.  Got up early like normal, knocked some work out at the lodge (1 of 2 places to get wireless at the ranch).  When training was over things started to go downhill, we still had to train 18 people on some equipment, I went to observe and document.  Before I went down there, I asked the kitchen at the ranch, please save enough lunch food for 18 people, we’ll need a late lunch.   We get back up to the pavillion to eat and there is only enough food for 4 people!  I was livid.  We had all already paid for lunch in our stay, so 14 of us didn’t get lunch and had to find something on our way home.  Some of the staff had many hours to drive ahead of them, the last thing they wanted to do is stop for food before even getting on the road!  I felt so bad, although it wasn’t my fault.

I hit the road later than I really wanted to.  I didn’t stop for food until I got all of the way through San Antonio. On the way, I called to check on my dad’s birthday gift status at Cabelas.  I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I will never order anything from them again.  I am going to be upset if the gift isn’t here before dad’s birthday like promised.   To make matters worse, I got stuck in the normal horrible ATX traffic, still had to take my work truck to get gas, back to office, etc.  Then I got distracted once back in the office and left there really late.

Got home and found out that my car, which I got in March, is still in the shop and will likely be there another week for body work.  Not happy.  When it rains, it pours. 

Got to work super early this morning to play catch-up.  Got some done, but not enough.  I wasn’t going to stay late.  Had my Dr. followup today, he put me on new meds that are likely to make me nauseous.  Great.  And I have to get a CT scan next week.

This is my last free weekend pretty much until Christmas.  I like this time of year, I just hate things being non-st0p.  I say it’s free, but I really need to be prepping for my “in-laws” arrival the first weekend in November, because we won’t be here much before then.  Got cleaning, house projects, a run, and the Auburn-Alabama watch party tomorrow.


My overall opinion of the food at the ranch I was at all week is a FAIL.  The only meal I liked was steak night (and I didn’t even like the steak that much, I liked the sides the most).   Chef my ass.    Not sure if the food has changed recently, but I am not sure where all of these people got the idea that the food was good.  Or maybe I am just that much of a food snob.

Grabbed Bill Miller BBQ for a very late lunch Thursday afternoon.  I’d never had their chicken sandwich before, it was pretty darn good.  I also grabbed a salad for a base for Friday’s lunch, a chicken for Thursday’s dinner, and some of their awesome beans.

Forgot said salad and my breakfast for work Friday morning.  Ended up eating some really tasteless Health Valley soup at work and ate the salad when I got home.  It was a tasty concoction of garden salad with onions, cottage cheese, salsa, a serving of the pinto beans, and some mushrooms.  Looked gross, tasted devine!

Dinner Friday night I opted to use things I had around the house.  I made my own Italian Turkey Sausage from extra lean turkey and a spice mix I threw together (pretty much italian spices, sage, some red pepper, black pepper, and some garlic).   I then made some WW pasta, tossed it with spinach, the turkey and some Hombres Sassy Spinach DipMix.  It was pretty darn awesome.  Found their dips (Bastrop Texas based company) at Tears of Joy Hot Sauce shop on 6th street in downtown Austin.  They also sell online.  Served it up with three color french green beans and garlic bread (Dan and I eat different bread types) with Johnnys Garlic Spread that I got from Costco (thanks for the head’s up Janetha!).


3 thoughts on “Catching my breath

  1. Hi Melissa! I see you’re located in Austin – I’m organizing a meetup next week and would love to send you along the info and have you attend. I didn’t see an email here, so get a hold of me! thetwentyfifthyear [at] gmail [dot] com. Talk soon!

  2. Oh wow on the food situation. That’s nuts. I would have been so furious – and I would have felt guilty too even though it wasn’t my fault, I’m just that way. I think it’s best not to start thinking and dwelling on races far in advance. You just psych yourself out – or I do anyway. Hope you’re having a good Saturday!

  3. i went off detox a bit yesterday at tailgate, not much though. this morning i have my abs back one week post marathon. now i am seriously trying to drop some weight once and for all now that chicago is over. i would like to be about 5 lbs lighter for houston.

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