Things I like Thursday: RUNNING

Shoe of choice-Asics Kayano.

I got fitted for these years ago and they still come up on my fittings as “my shoe”.  I had some NB and Saucony suggestions this last go round too, but Kayanos have been very good to me.  I just wish they were better on the pocket book.  Sometimes I get them for a deal, but the last pair I bought were regular price 😦  Luckily I had a great coupon!


Sports bra of choice-Shock Absorber.

I used to buy these at Victoria’s Secret of all places and they were available in many styles and colors.  Then they decided to discontinue them.   I may be small-chested, but I want NO bounce what-so-ever, these do the trick.  They are very pricey online however.  Sometimes catch a deal here or there, but for the most part, even though they are my choice, i’ve phased them out a bit because they are so expensive.


How I measure my runs~Garmin Forerunner 405

I originally started out with a 301 which I liked, but was big.  Then 2 years ago, Dan bought me this bad-boy as a “Happy First Marathon” gift.  It’s a cool toy.  Does more than the 301 and it’s a better size and shape.  However, it has software flaws, you have to make sure it’s locked when in use (especially if sweating), and the worst thing about it, the formula for calories burned is very much off.  It calculates calories burned with a distance component…which has NOTHING to do with how many calories you burn.  For me, it’s about 30-40 calories per mile off.  And yes, I know this because I have worn it many times at the same time as my Polar.

When I want to just go run by “feel” I wear~Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor

I love my Polar, I wear it for cross-training, strength-training, and on shorter runs.  It seems to be alot more accurate than the Garmin as far as actual calories burned.  Plus certain models of the Polar, including this one are coded to prevent “cross-talk” from other machines or HRM near you.  (i’ve found though, I need to sync the watch and strap away from anyone or anything though for this to be true).  Good gadget and if you need to buy 1 workout item other than shoes, i’d go for something like this.

During run fuel~Powerbar Gels

I’ve experimented with all types of gels, gummies, blocks, candy, beans, etc.  These are my favorite.  I tried them when training for RNR SA 2008 because it was the on-course nutrition that year and I wanted to make sure I could stomach them if I had to take some off the course that I didn’t bring.  Apparently my stomach isn’t picky when it comes to that kind of thing.  The Powerbar brand is thinner than some of the other brands and goes down easier, which is another reason I prefer it.

I like the tangerine because it’s fruity and has 2X caffeine in it.  I also like the apple which is 1X caffeine.  The strawberry-banana and raspberry creme are also decent, but I don’t think the raspberry has caffeine.  I’m not sure the caffeine makes a darn bit of difference.  Around here the tangerine can be hard to find, apparently from talking to the people at Academy and REI, people buy it by the box (it’s cheaper that way too).  Which reminds me, I need to pick up a box, i’m almost out.

Post run recovery~Starbucks

This may seem weird to some people.  But the usual training routine is run, stretch and shower at the Gold’s downtown.  Across the street is Starbucks.  Some sort of latte is usually consumed after said runs.  They say chocolate milk is great for recovery, a latte isn’t too far from that, minus it being hot and having more caffeine (which isn’t the greatest for recovery).  I sound like a caffeine junky, but I swear I’m not. 

Washing the running clothes and gear~Win Laundry Detergent

My buddy June from Houston turned me onto this stuff.  I found it for the best price at Dick’s Sporting goods.  Works like a charm.  I wash my running clothes in this in my machine and then line dry. 


5 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: RUNNING

    • I check amazon, ebay, and other sites all of the time. I’ve had the best luck at Sports Authority mostly, it’s just not consistent.

      I need another pair before RNR SA which is a month away, will probably buy those this weekend. I always try to have a pair on hand in the closet, but that doesn’t always happen

    • the WIN is awesome.
      I found it for like $6 at Dick’s and it’s great. I usually soak my clothes in water and the detergent for a few hours and then run the cycle. Not that it probably needs it, I’m just weird like that

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