For the next week I am at the Mayan Dude Ranch

How cute is my cabin?

And the inside?  ADORABLE!

Too bad there is quite a bit of work to be done and lots of talks and presentations….all day long.  But the mornings and evenings should be great. 


The chef here is supposed to be awesome, I hope so!  Tonight’s dinner was good, but I would be really upset if I was vegetarian (they had potato salad, coleslaw, beans, and some green chile egg thing, plus the bbq fixings like jalapenos, onions, etc).   I really don’t eat potato salad or coleslaw unless I make it, so I skipped that.   I had lean brisket, beans, pickles, onions, veggies, and a little fresh hot bread (lady pulled it out of the pans in front of us)  Dinner was complete with hay-ride down to the river for the meal!

I always worry when I go to things like this where all meals are included, because I am kind of snobby when it comes to food.  Last year at a similar resort, it was fine.  I have a few snacks just in case (good thing, because the conference room snacks are crap).  I’m sure it’ll all be great and delicious. 

Breakfast isn’t til 8, so not sure what i’ll do until then, especially since the sun doesn’t come up til 7:40.  I have no flashlight and we’re in the middle of nowhere.  Morning runs probably will not occur.  I did however, run today at my parent’s house before I left to come here.  I’ll fit it in where I can.  Best thing about this training is that my coworkers from all over the state are here and half of them are runners!  I hear the trails and roads here are beautiful.  Today i’ve already seen a ton of deer, some turkeys, and a few peacocks.  Will try to take photos, even though I really stink at remembering.

Happy Trails 😉


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