Another day in Aggieland

Greetings from College Station, Texas!  Home of the Fighting Texas Aggies!


Hit up the local Gold’s this morning for some weights when they opened.  I only had 45 minutes but I rocked that sucker.  YAY!  A little surprising because i’m feeling yuck again, but energy is coming from somewhere, so i’ll take that.   Plus I had the worst night of sleep that i’ve had in forever.  I couldn’t get the temperature right in my hotel room and I was super hot, even though the AC was cranked. 

Did a short 3 mile run after work.  Not alot of trails close around here, so I ran from the hotel to the university and back on the sidewalks.  I felt better after I ran.  Still don’t know why the workouts make me feel better, but they do.  I think that moving around in general has been beneficial.


I wasn’t feeling great and spent most of the day standing in uncomfortable shoes.  I didn’t have to stand, but sitting was killing me.  Not sure why, because I had a small breakfast and lunch.  We ate at some popular steakhouse for lunch.  I love me some steak, but not for lunch.  So I had some tilapia with mushrooms and jalapenos and a side salad.  No pictures, because honestly, it was one of the ugliest meals i’d had in a long time, but it tasted alright.  All of my coworkers had chicken fried steak or fried chicken.  I used to be a huge chicken fried steak girl, now I don’t really eat any of that stuff, and i’ve never been a fried chicken person unless it was in strip or sandwich form.  I won’t say I don’t eat fried foods anymore, but I don’t eat them often at all.  Usually it’s something I share with Dan if I do. 

By time dinner rolled around, everyone was splitting off to go to different places (there are about 40 of us staying at this hotel).  Nothing really appealed to me.  When I travel to different areas, I don’t really like to eat at places we have at home.  Apparently my coworkers do, like the Pei Wei we had last night.   I’ve found that especially with the guys, they are boring with their restaurant selections.  Like the last time I was with most of these coworkers, I think we ate BBQ and Subway the whole 3 days.  I was so burned out on sandwiches after that, I didn’t have one for a month.  I also didn’t have a car that trip, that’s the only reason I endured…that and we were in the middle of nowhere.

Tonight I actually ended up with McAlister’s Deli.  We do have 2 within 40 miles of where I live, but I rarely eat there because it’s far, and they closed the one that was next to my office.   I love McAlister’s veggie chili and their tea, so I opted for that with a greek salad. It was quick, easy, and within walking distance.  Plus I wasn’t feeling the greatest and wasn’t sure what I really should be eating.

Tomorrow I really want to try College Station’s best restaurants that are LOCAL.  I am all about trying the local.  And if i’m feeling well, i’m not afraid to go explore on my own 🙂  I have my own car and there are a ton of places here that came with high recommendations.

Getting ready to unwind for the evening and it will NOT be at the hot-tub.  I keep getting phone calls to come join.  Even if I was feeling fine, there is NOTHING about coworkers and hot-tubs that even sounds remotely appealing. 

Enjoy your evening!  Tomorrow is field trip day, YAY!


4 thoughts on “Another day in Aggieland

  1. Glad you were able to get in the weights and a nice run. That’s great that there are some trails nearby at least. I am so with you on not eating at chain restaurants (pretty much ever for me). There are so many cool local restaurants worth checking out. I guess it’s a safety factor though when it comes to the chains – you know what to expect. Hope you have a good Wednesday.

  2. Neé Neé says:

    I’m not sure how I JUST found out about your blog yesterday, but I love it so far!

    Did anyone recommend La Bodega? I LOVE that place – fish tacos and a strawberry tart from across the street for dessert. PERFECT meal (and great margaritas!) Blue Baker is a great pizza/sandwich shop and Koppe Bridge is awesome for burgers (seriously my favorite burger EVER!) Kolache Rolf’s is my favorite kolache anywhere. Just thought I’d share in case those places hadn’t already made your list of recommendations…

    Enjoy Aggieland – I still have a soft spot in my heart for that place…

    • sweetmelissak says:

      I’m actually staying right by La Bodega and Blue Baker. May have to check them out!
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