Sensational Sunday

Whew!  Where did the weekend go and can I have another?


Saturday-Had a cutback week on tap.  I actually did 1 more mile than I was supposed to, because I had it in my head that I needed 14 not 13.  With the medicine, I knew there would be adjustments (and wasn’t sure what they were, i’d only been on it for 2 days).  They make me retain water.  No, not a side effect, it’s on purpose.  So I have to drink extra water, in addition to the mass I drink already, which means more potty stops.  A 14 mile run where I usually make no stops had 2 stops.  The first stop actually caused me to miss the ARC marathon training group run (they just started training for Austin which is in Feb).  I never saw them 😦  I never run with groups, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace, hehe. (yes, I laughed outloud at my silly runner’s joke).

The run went well,although I was pretty beat toward the end (this is why I should obey the DOR the day before).  However, immediately upon finishing, I started freaking out about next week’s run, which is the longest on the books before the real deal.

Sunday-Hit the gym for weights.  I had a side stitch after I ate breakfast which was weird and uncomfortable.  I decided to try to work through it.  Glad I did, it was the best strength session i’ve had in a month (and my HRM agrees)! 


Did a little shopping after the run on Saturday, got some fun new things for the house.  Came home and watched alot of college football on tv.  Dan wanted to go watch Alabama and Florida at the sports bar down the street, but I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, so we stayed in and I grilled some chicken…inside.  Apparently something is wrong with the line on my outdoor grill all of a sudden 😦  Maybe he’ll fix that while I’m out of town this week for work.

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  Gym, chores, laundry, packing.  Dan did the grocery shopping for himself since I will be gone.  I think i’ll leave it at that 😦  So.darn.frustrating.


Nothing too terribly exciting.  Highlights were  having a latte for the first time in almost a month, rediscovering dessert omelettes, roasted pork loin, and an italian veggie wrap. 

I ate entirely too much, but then again, that means appetite is back.  Blessing or a curse?  Anyhow, hoping my stomach shrinks back to normal on the inside and out.  My fingers are crossed that this hasn’t jacked up my metabolism, I want to be able to maintain on what I was eating before this craziness.

It’s not over, but hopefully progress will be made 🙂


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