Fast forward to the weekend!

End of the week was a blur.  I imagine much of October to end up that way as well.  And November?  November is always the fastest and most hectic and stressful month for me 😦


Hit the pavement on Thursday morning instead of the weight room.  The weather was still mild outside and I really just felt like doing the run in the AM instead of the PM.  Did I quick 4 before work and then jetted off.

Friday morning I hit the weight room for upper body before work.  Was supposed to be DOR, but I think my arms were sad they didn’t see any action on Thursday, since there was no “two-a-day”.


Got to work early Thursday, as I  had a ton to do and it was also day 1 of 2 moving days.  Got to wear jeans on Thursday and Friday, although we weren’t really moving much ourselves (total waste of money!  I am fully capable of moving things, but they were scared of liability).    Did I mention that the move was pretty wasteful itself?  Just wanted to move people to be closer to their immediate “teams”, which cost an obscene amount of money.  So they moved over 100 people between 2 buildings and 3 different stories.  Sound like a disaster?  Yeah, it pretty much was.  We were told to break down our PCs to prepare.  Are you kidding me?  I kept mine on until I left for my Dr’s appt at 3.  I had stuff to do and while doing nothing was certainly appealing, I wasn’t about to get behind.  Breaking down the PC takes all of 5 mins, when I see movers come, i’ll break it down.  By the way, I left for the day and the movers were still no where to be seen.

Headed to the Dr., he was nice and straight to the point.  We talked, he looked at my middle, we talked some more.  He told me lets try some meds for 2 weeks and then I go back and we’ll talk some more.  I left there in a good mood and optimistic.  He did say that he thinks that my strength training issues of late are completely related to my stomach problem.  He also was a little surprised though that I could run.  He didn’t jump to any conclusions on what it was, mentioned some possibilities, but wanted to see first how I react to what he told me to take and then explore further when I go on the 15th. 

I was a little bummed that I spent so much time putting together my food and symptom logs for him, he said he didn’t think it was necessary to review those until later on, if it comes down to it.

Friday I got to work at 5:30 am, yes, that is correct.  I had 2 major reports to finish and I wanted them done with time to spare.  So early, I couldn’t let myself in, had to get security to open the door.  Got to my new office and nothing was there 😦  Fail.  I was the ONLY one they didn’t move.  WTH?  I went upstairs and moved absolutely everything I could, including my PC which I desperately needed.  I only left them 2 giant file cabinets (and I didn’t get those delivered until noon!).   Glad I got my stuff, because I worked non-stop until it was time to leave, unpacked virtually nothing.  I was so freaking beat when I left to go home at 4:30.   Hopefully the office will unpack itself, because I am only going to be there 2 days in the next 2 weeks.  I have trips to College Station next week and Bandera the week after.


Since Dan was still gone on Friday, I decided to dabble in cooking something he wouldn’t eat…so I made a tofu stir-fry.  I’m pretty cool with trying new things, unlike him.  Since I liked the recipe from Mori Nu for the Eggless Egg Salad, I decided to try another.  This one I actually stumbled across on the side of the box of Extra Firm that i’d picked up.  It was good, but I really think that it should have been marinated first before it was baked to soak up more of the gingery-soy sauce goodness.

After dinner, I looked at tofu-presses.  Sheesh!  Had no idea they were pricey!

I woke up both Thursday and Friday nights in the middle of the night, absolutely ravenous.  Guess the appetite is back in spurts.  I NEVER eat after i’ve gone to bed, but those two nights I did.  The hunger was so much that I couldn’t sleep.  Don’t remember ever having that feeling before and I really hope that goes away.  I want to be hungry, but not when I am sleeping.

Friday night I wanted something different and had fresh chicken breasts, so I decided to try an awesome pair of dishes i’d seen earlier in the week from Janetha at Meals and Moves.  Chicken tenders and Mac and Cheese.  Knew I couldn’t go wrong with that combo.  I realized though, that I only had enough breadcrumbs for the Mac topping, so I coated the chicken in spices and saltine cracker crumbs (couldn’t find anything else to use).   Dan was a happy camper (after all, those were his crackers, haha), although he didn’t say he loved the Mac like I was hoping.  That’s ok, there was more for me to eat as leftovers!  The Mac was pretty much a bunch of things I love in 1 dish, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong! 


4 thoughts on “Fast forward to the weekend!

  1. Oh that totally sucks having to go in that early and then not even being moved so you could do your work. I hate to wake up in the middle of the night starved. Such a terrible feeling to me. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often. Hope you have a good Sunday!

  2. that blog looks completely amazing! I am so excited to try that meal & most def. the mac & cheese! I’m ready to give up the fast food, too! Have cut WAY back, but this past week, new job, new routine, it totally killed my food habits and menu this week! I can’t wait to have money to do some really good and proper healthy cooking! Thanks for always including your new recipes and alternatives! Most definitely inspiring! 🙂

  3. marshall was iffy about the mac & cheese, too, because he said it tasted too pumpkin-y. but then he ate ALL the leftovers so i am skeptical of his criticism haha! have a great week, girl!

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