Pity party for one.


I usually lift weights on Tuesday morning and run in the evening.  Instead I switched it up and ran before work.  It wasn’t a bad run, in fact Garmin says it was a good run, however I felt uncomfortable and bloaty.  UGH.

I ended up doing weights at lunch at the gym at work.  The gym at work isn’t very good and my effort was pretty half-assed.  I’ve been struggling with weights for the last week, I can only imagine it’s whatever the heck is wrong with me, but then again, it doesn’t really running.   I know it’s a much different type of workout and a different kind of endurance.  I’ve got 7 weeks to go in training, I refuse to let the weights lapse (which I did last season).  I will try again with just arms tomorrow (no legs, have a long run Friday), and then full body again Saturday. 

Yeah, my schedule is all screwed up this week because I want to go to Drive By Truckers concert on Friday night (WOOHOO FOR THE ROCK SHOW!)  and I know attempting a long on Saturday would be silly.  So I am running Friday morning instead, which originally a vacation day, but now a sick day, since I am getting the tooth yanked that day too.  And I have a relay Sunday, which I do every year.  So I think i’ll do Sunday’s usual workout on Saturday. 


Just like I predicted, Dan wasn’t nuts about the chicken and peanut noodles.  He says it’s because the rotiesserie chicken I used (it was on hand, needed to use it up) reminded him of the smell of his breakfast sausage and it freaked him out.  Um ok, whatever, it’s not the first time you’ve eaten smoked/roasted chicken.  I ate my serving and the other 3 servings went into the trash 😦  I thought about freezing them, but I honestly don’t eat alot of things I freeze except for sauces or soups, so I knew better.  Plus because of my track record lately, I knew there was no way to eat them as lunches, which is what I would have normally done with something he rejected.

I’ve been sticking to oatbran for breakfast with PB or fruit or veggies added, soup for lunch and an apple for a snack.  I ate lunch Tuesday at 3:30 and that was only because I made myself.   I did actually get hungry for dinner, which was good, but it was more of a half hungry.  The meals are getting in, but sometimes forced.  I HATE this. 


I’ve heard alot of “boo hoo you can’t eat, that’s not something to be sad about.”  Really?  I like to eat, you need to eat for survival.  Plus being active, you need to eat more.  I have to fuel my everyday activity, plus workouts.   I mean I don’t want to be a ravenous beast either, but there have honestly been some days where i’ve had to make up calories at the end of the day with PB, Ensure, or something else calorie dense but not too filling (because then I get REALLY uncomfortable and have a knot in my side).     I’ve heard a couple of times that people were jealous.  WHAT?!?!  Come on people!  There is something medicially wrong with me that is producing this side-effect.  I don’t want it.  I tell Dan 10 times a day that I am tired of being “broken”.  At least I haven’t cried this week, so that’s some progress.  I think I cried just about every day on vacation and half of last week because I was frustrated.

 Sitting by the phone isn’t helping, but I really wish my Dr. would call and give me a next step.  He’s so busy, i’m sure he hasn’t reviewed the scans.  With this Dr. I am being patient because he’s a great Dr. and I want him to be the one to give me directive.  I do not care to deal with my regular Dr. on this, since his answer is always “there is nothing wrong with you” and after my first scan, he suggested I pretty much live on OTC meds until I felt better, which never happened, I got worse.

The problems I have are likely just side-effects of something else.   This is courtesy of Dan:

Yes, i’ve WebMD’d this.  Yes, i’ve scared the crud out of myself.  I couldn’t help it.  Sometimes you need to try to figure out what’s slightly abnormal and when you need to seek medical attention.  That’s my story and i’m sticking to it!

Still holding out hope that this is something minor, I get some meds, and get all better.  And soon.

Pity Party over.   I feel fine despite the discomfort.  I WILL BE FINE 🙂


Case of the Mondays

I friggin LOVE Office Space, just in case you didn’t know.  Mike Judge is awesome, well mostly awesome, I don’t care for all of his work, but Office Space and King of the Hill are 2 favs.  If you aren’t from Texas, KOTH is exactly like Texas and growing up there in a smaller town. 

Speaking of, I love Friday Night lights and yes, if you aren’t from Texas, that is the exact depiction of teenage life in high school in Texas, or was for me (minus the gangs).  And that football field that the team plays on that is supposed to be in the “ghetto” is on Lake Lady Bird running trail!  Not the nicest part of the trail, but I run by it any time I do the 10 mile loop!


Got to work early, because I was still in charge and had some projects to do before the day started.  Thought about running before work, but the idea of running on nothing but liquid fuel scared me, sounded like asking for a fall…so I didn’t.  I never workout on Monday mornings, but I momentarily thought about it, thinking maybe it would make my stomach behave better for my test.

Work blew by, before I knew it, it was appointment time.  Had my appointment and 2 different kinds of ultrasounds.  This time I thought for sure they’d be able to see more with me having almost only liquids for 2 days.  WRONG 😦  Yes, my stomach was still too full.  The tech and the machine were better and she got some scans, but it was a huge problem.  I can only hope that my Dr. (different one than first scan) can see something.  This is seriously driving me nuts.   I went home and thought about everything I could have tried to do differently to get my stomach to cooperate.  Dan assured me it wasn’t my fault, but I now think I should have opted for an AM test, maybe that would have made a difference.

 I like to eat, I want to eat.  I do eat but I can’t eat when and what I want.  I have to be careful with the volume of what I eat, because if not I either 1) look pregnant, 2) can’t sit up straight, 3) very uncomfortable.  And half the time I am just not having an appetite or getting hungry at all.  If you know me, you know, NOT LIKE ME AT ALL, I eat at least 6 times a day and I eat alot.  Fortunately I am never in pain, it’s just lots of discomfort.  I am SO ready to have some sort diagnosis or progress toward something.


JOY! Found the mediterranean chicken recipe, turns out it was in the Fresh Market supermarket book that I picked up in Florida.   At least that was 1 perk of the day!  I am super excited to make that Wednesday, I think we’ll both love it.

Another perk was dinner, which was Peanut noodles with Shredded chicken and vegetables  We liked it.  Not sure Dan was nuts over it, but I thought it was yum!  Next time i’d add even more vegetables, even though I put more than it asked for, I didn’t feel there was enough.  I didn’t have the right noodles (how does that happen), so I used rotini instead.  I had every noodle shape BUT spaghetti or linguine.  Figured rotini would still get nice sauce-surface coverage and it did.  Think I made the right choice over shells or penne 😉

Standstill Sunday


Didn’t get to the gym when it opened, but I was close.   Was dragging butt all day (hence the name of today’s blog), from the time I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed, until the time I went to bed for the night (now I know it’s super high mold counts in the air).  I lifted weights and it was not my most stellar performance, but it was there.  Foam rolled my legs to try to finish off that charlie horse pain which was only a tinge left.


Dan was actually down with the mold allergy too.  If Dan is down, I know it’s really bad.  Dan takes shots and pills for his cat allergies and he’s not really allergic to anything else.  I use him, my friend Alison, and my coworker as my allergy barometers.  If they feel bad, then I know it’s allergies and not me getting some weird cold.

I didn’t get much accomplished at home at all.  Laundry, cleaned a tiny bit, groceries, a little food prep, and tossed some dead veggie plants from the back porch, finished hanging scarves in my dining room.  I wanted my new patio set put together so I could stain it before I set it out, but none of that happened 😦  Maybe one day this week if it doesn’t rain.

Just as I predicted, Dan watching the Auburn game was loud and violent.  NOT A FAN OF THAT.  I pretty much stayed upstairs and cleaned and worked on setting up my office nook again.  I decided to remove my laptop from the living room and put it into the nook where it belongs and have it hooked up through my full size monitor and with keyboard and mouse.  I want to keep phone/email/computer time to a minimum between dinner and bedtime.  Dan and I are both guilty of  getting sucked into these distractions (me on the laptop, him on the iphone).  I cleaned up my nook, which had gotten piled up with random things that needed to be sorted.  Looks all neat and pretty now 🙂   Now if he’d only keep his office neat and organized (he has a full size office downstairs with a closet.  I have a built-in office nook upstairs, with a HUGE closet). 

My 2nd ultrasound is Monday late afternoon.  In an effort to make sure my stomach isn’t too full with food like the first one, I have been trying to only stick with liquids until the test.  I’ve done ok with that for the most part, but my brain knows this is a self imposed ban and not a medically necessary ban, so I had a few small pieces of chicken and a rice cake with almond butter, in addition to the pudding, cottage cheese, smoothies, and soups i’ve eaten.  Sad thing is, I have to have a tooth pulled on Friday, so i’ll be back to the liquids again Friday.  SUCK.  Lol, not suck literally, because you can’t do that after dental work 😉

Hopefully the week is low key, because the weekend will not be.   Friday I run 18 miles in morning, then have my tooth yanked at noon, then it’s Drive By Truckers concert at Stubbs that night (of course Dan wants to eat there, not sure what i’ll do with my stupid mouth).  Saturday my BFF is coming into town for my sister’s bday (but she’s staying with me) we are doing Pecan Street festival and dinner on Saturday for that, then Sunday it’s wake up supa early for Silicon Relay and then a BBQ at sister’s house for more birthday celebration.   

Dan is out of town on Saturday and Sunday, he’s doing his own thing with a concert, floating the river, and a charity motorcycle ride.   After I thought about it some, I decided that spending time with my family for my sister’s birthday for the majority of the weekend is where I needed to be.  Somethings just trump others in life , and seeing my family and BFF this weekend is where I need to be.


In an effort to prepare for my ultrasound on Monday, I made the Tomato Bisque from Gina.  It was pretty simple and tastes amazing.  I still exploded it a bit in my blender, because I was impatient and put too much in there.  That’s what I get, lol!  Anyhow, if I was eating solid food, i’d be pairing it with a grilled cheese or some sort of grilled sandwich, but alas, since it’s only liquids, it’s solo until after Monday evening.  You better believe that Tuesday for lunch, when I eat the last serving, there will be a crusty-cheesy accompaniment to the soup. 

Trying a few new recipes this week.  A Thai inspired stir fry tonight and a mediterranean chicken dish.  Well the chicken may have to wait, because while I wrote it on the menu, I forgot to write where I saw the recipe!  If I can’t find it, will make something of the like.  All I remember is that it was chicken, capers, artichokes and maybe some feta.  HATE when I do that.  I looked through my emails and my reader and I don’t see it.  Going to drive myself nuts until I find it!

Switched up Saturday


Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, things just don’t go your way.  Saturday morning was this time.  To start it off, I got a horrible Charlie Horse in my sleep and could barely walk when I went to get dressed for the run.

Lake Lady Bird aka Town Lake was to be closed at Pfluger Bridge all weekend for expansion construction.  It was unclear whether or not there would be suggested marked detours.  AK and I contemplated a group in Round Rock, but that would be much earlier and have to be modified quite a bit.  We planned on a 10 and a 7 loop at the Lake, with the plan to run around the construction.  Neither one of us really worried about the condition of the route from the flooding.

We started out dark and early.  Ran into a lady from Houston that needed direction, so we took her with us.  We didn’t even get 1/2 mile into the run when AK took a really bad spill.  I tried to make her go back to the car, but she refused.   I have nothing against people on bikes but they should REALLY not allow bikes to be on the local trails when there is flood damage, it worsens the conditions so much more (there were deep gashes everywhere from bike tires).  Later in the run, when it was actually daylight, we were able to see just how bad the damage was.  It was absolutely horrible.  It’s no wonder we didn’t all take spills in some of those areas.

Most of the run was in and around the fancy neighborhoods on the lake and off trail.  Turns out you couldn’t run anywhere near the construction, so while our route was very improvised, it worked out well.  Despite the conditions, the detours, and AK’s fall, we had a decent run.  Pace was 15-30 secs slower than i’d like, but with all things considered and the massive humidity, i’ll take it!  We both agreed that we felt like we’d run a marathon that morning.


Ran errands after the run.  I actually didn’t mind Costco, for like the first time ever in Austin.  We only have 2 for all of central Texas, really wish they’d build more.  No matter when you go, even if you get there right when they open, it’s insane.  I should go more, but the experience is always so unpleasant, that I avoid it.  I actually prefer to go to the ones in San Antonio if i’m in the area, because they have more locations and they aren’t near as nuts with crowds.  Picked up some regular items:  strawberries, mini peppers, mushrooms, egg beaters, kitty litter, and some Johnny’s Garlic Bread seasoning that Janetha blogged about.  I wanted to get more, but I held back and didn’t explore.


Time flew by at home and the next thing I knew it was time to get ready to go to dinner and Chris Knight at Cactus Cafe (bar/listening room on the UT campus).  Cactus Cafe is THE best intimate acoustic venue ever, and I am so glad that they decided to save it during the State of Texas budget cuts. 

 We ended up at Kerbey Lane for dinner.  I was a bit shocked, because Dan hates Kerbey Lane, it’s too weird and “hippie” for him.  My food was awesome, just like I remembered.  I had Green green enchiladas and some of Dan’s Cowboy Queso appetizer.  In hindsight, the queso probably wasn’t the greatest idea, but it was tasty and I almost never eat it out.  I was so happy I was able to eat dinner, however, hours later, I felt pretty horrid and couldn’t sit up straight.  Damn this stupid “whatever it is condition.”  I have another ultrasound on Monday, hopefully something is determined.  I am SO tired of my eating being off.  I like to eat.

Since we were out, Dan DVR’d the Auburn game.  I HATE watching DVR’d football.  So while he was on his self imposed Twitter and Facebook ban, I cheated and looked at the score.  I am glad they won, but it’s going to be a very violent and noisy Sunday afternoon in my living room when we goes to watch that freaking game.  This is why I like watching the games live and in public 😉

Eating like a dietitian


Saw this article on Yahoo’s main page today and I really liked it.

Eat like a dietitian

I really like what it has to say, although:

~I struggle with #4 (not being a picker)

~I really want to get better at #7 (eating fish)

~I LOVE #5.  I always say what a food snob i’ve become, especially when it comes to sweets.  I only want the best, no random or mediocre sweets for me!  I used to be BAD (at work potlucks sometimes I would eat only the desserts as a meal). When I do have that kind of thing now, I try to eat it out or buy small servings and it has to be high quality and awesome tasting.  While I am a food snob, that doesn’t stop me from eating too much of a sweet thing if it’s not in a controlled environment.  It’s a trigger of mine and I know how to control it.  It’s called keeping it out of my house.  Not saying I won’t enjoy them, I surely do.  I just can’t have cookies, cakes, etc staring me in the face at home.

I always taste the cake at weddings and plan to indulge.  If it’s not good, I pass on it.  If its worthy, I enjoy the cake.  Same goes for any other occasion that has goodies that look fabulous.  And i’ll be honest, I did not eat the cake at BFF’s wedding shower (it was a supermarket sheet cake, which I don’t really care for).  And at her June wedding, I tasted the cake, didn’t really like it, so I only ate a few bites and gave the rest to my dad.   The gourmet cupcakes for my birthday from Cupcake Couture in SA were fabulous and you better believe I ate mine AND tasted Dan’s and my sister’s.

Last week went to a Kilwins chocolate store in Panama City.  REALLY wish I would have taken photos, it was awesome (reminded me of  Lammes Candies in Austin).  Dan isn’t a big sweets guy, although he got like 3 different things (he’s so random with his sweet tooth and it’s nothing like everyone else in his family).  I got a coffee truffle and ate it slowly and savored it.  He made fun of me for sitting there and eating this truffle in like 3 bites and for not ordering more.  I didn’t want more.  I just wanted a taste of something sweet and that did it.    It’s amazing sometimes to look back at then and now.  Old me would have ordered a dozen and eaten them all.  I’m not saying I always have self control, but man it feels good when I do.

Florida-the beach

Our mode of transportation.  Dan had booked a “premium car”.  Not exactly what he had in mind, but we fit in well with the older Floridians, lol!

We made it to the beach at least for a little while every day.  Our hotel was on the beach, which I loved.  Dan didn’t really like the hotel, but i’d be completely happy to stay there again, except their gym sucked.  That’s ok though, because when I needed a gym, I had a travel pass to the local Gold’s location.  YAY for my gym rockin!  (I hit it Sun, Mon, and Tues).  I hit the beach alone every morning after I worked out, stretched out on the deck, then showered, went back down there for some peace and quiet near the water.  SO relaxing.  I “slept in” until 5:30 on most days.

Here I am being a dork by myself on the deck on Wednesday morning after i’d run my mid-week long.

Dan and I on the beach the first night.

Dan and I on the beach the last night.  Ignore the fact that I was a really odd tan on my stomach.  Apparently I blotch in that area.  It’s been years since I wore a 2 piece, that’s probably why.

Some AMAZING scenery, especially at sunset. 

I’m not going to say that I dislike Texas beaches, but the Florida Panhandle beaches are SO much nicer.  I wish Dan had more vacation time, because i’d LOVE to go more than once a year!

Tiresome Tuesday


Why is coming back from vacation so stressful?  This is definately the worst post-vacation week i’ve ever had.  I can’t even get post-vacation depression, because I don’t even have time to think about it!  Probably a good thing I don’t vacation more.  Then again, I traveled for work the 2 weeks BEFORE vacation so I am sure that didn’t really help either.  I am behind on just about everything under the sun.  To make things worse, I’m still not feeling great.  This Dr. ordered another ultrasound.   The soonest I could get an appointment is Monday 😦  I’m not so happy about that. 

Was planning on staying late at work tomorrow since Dan is playing golf in the evening, but I forgot that I have a dentist appointment.  No way am I rescheduling that, it’s super hard to get in with my dentist, i’ve had that appt for 6 months.  Instead i’m having dinner with my sister, haven’t seen her in too long.  It really bothers me that we’ve drifted so much, mostly due to her significant other 😦

Weight Watchers

Check out the Lose for Good Campaign.  Just in case you didn’t know, I lost my weight on Weight Watchers from January-June 2007 and have kept it off ever since.  WW changed my life and taught me how to change my lifestyle for good.  If you have preconceived notions of the program and never really looked into it, check it out.  There are different ways to do the program and ways to incorporate the principals into your life.

When the campaign is over, they suggest donations to a food bank in the amount you lost in that period.  I will not be losing, but I do plan to donate 40 lbs of food to the food bank to mark my loss that i’ve maintained.


I hit the gym before work today for strength.  After work for 4 miles on the “run-trainer”.  It felt really good to get back into things.  I missed weights on Thursday due to our deep sea fishing trip and then Sunday because I was so tired I could barely function. 

Mid-week mid-range tomorrow with AK in the earrrrly AM.  Not really looking forward to it based on how i’ve been feeling.  Plus last week’s Wed run was my slowest run of the week, partially because my stomach was so bloated, I felt like I was carrying 20 extra lbs.  Maybe i’ll wake up feeling better!

Will be running my weekday runs at gym or Lakeline, here’s why

Thanks Hermine, you suck.  A week after the flooding, the trail at Brushy Creek is still under like 20 feet water.  This pic is from my car, sitting on the bridge, the water is 5 feet under the bridge.  There is usually NO water in this area.  The only water is in the small lake, which isn’t in this immediate area.

Hopefully the water will recede and the cleanup will be fast.  This is a major trail in the NW Austin area and there are several races coming up on it!