Waddling Wednesday

Yes, I feel like a duck again, 2nd day in a row.  Yesterday and today are the first days that i’ve actually experienced pain 😦  Felt better to stand and move.  I don’t have a standing and moving job though.  It’s come on both days around breakfast, so today I skipped my usual oats, but that didn’t make a difference.


Did my mid-week mid-range run this morning and I ROCKED IT.  I felt great during and after.  It was my first real run in the cooler weather and it was a gorgeous absolutely clear morning.  Ok, when I say morning, I mean 4:30 am, I guess that’s still kind of night 😉 


Upon researching the specialist i’m seeing tomorrow, I realize he travels between 4 offices and my PCP didn’t tell me which one when they booked the appointment for me. I crossed my fingers it was the closest one, because the other ones may as well be on the other end of the earth with Austin traffic.  Lucky for me, my appointment IS in the one in Round Rock.  Score.  I won’t have to take a ton of time off of work or hit insane traffic.

I started working on converting my food journals into an Excel spreadsheet by week, so that just in case the Dr. wants to see my history, he can.  I’m really trying to be prepared for this, to help him out, so he can help me out.   This took forever, so I only went a month back (for now).  I AM NOT PROUD 😦   No, I haven’t been eating tons of junk, but re-typing my entries, I realize I eat too much of certain things and I am not as varied as I probably should be.  I need to work on that.  I know I still eat better than most of my friends, family, and coworkers, but still.  The lightbulb went off and I see now that maybe I need to make a few more changes.  Of course, once the Dr. sees me, I may have changes he wants me to make too.

**Please don’t let me have an allergy to oatmeal**  I pretty much have eaten some sort of oat product at least 5 times a week for almost 4 years.  I love oatmeal and it’s endless possibilities.

Did I mention I am traveling again for work for 2 weeks (2 different trips) and I have to move my office (along with 100 other people)  tomorrow and Friday?  Ugh, alot on the plate.  1 more reason to at least get this initial Dr. visit down in the books and start making some progress!


Pretty unexciting and nothing really photo worthy, especially since I was boring today and wasn’t feeling well.

I did finally try my Quorn SW chicken wing.  They were ok.  I bought them at Sprouts a few months ago and forgot about them.    Had a few of those for dinner with some salad and the last serving of Eggless Egg Salad.  I had tried a similar eggless salad at Green Vegetarian in San Antonio and loved it (I am dying to go back).  This recipe is pretty darn close and I will be making it again.  I am still trying to learn to cook with tofu, something I don’t have alot of experience with.

Other than feeling yuck, I had a pretty awesome day!  Here’s to an even better Thursday and making some progress at the Dr’s office!


6 thoughts on “Waddling Wednesday

  1. maureen says:

    Hi Mel, sorry I haven’t been commenting but I have been reading about all your tummy troubles. My sister has gone thru years of very similar symptoms to yours. Always a new diagnosis from IBS to stress to gall bladder to allergies. Changing her diet helped a lot once allergy testing was done! hope you get relief!

    • Maureen, great to hear from you!
      Thanks for the well wishes. I’m just so ready to know something! I get so frustrated when I am not feeling like myself and this is definately the longest i’ve ever gone with any 1 issue!

    • It’s all so weird to me. It may be affecting the running a bit, but not for the most part.

      I can’t say that all of this was sudden, but some of the symptoms just turned on like a switch on Sept 3. some of the others i’d had come and go, though it was just “off” days. Like those freak days I blogged where I wasn’t hungry? Yeah, then it all of a sudden was over a month straight!

      He’s tossed around anything from IBS, to intolerances to certain foods, to gallbladder (he doesn’t think it’s that). I was actually having one of the better days when I went to see him, which is freaking typical.

      It’s feeling better, but still off. And the meds he has me on make me retain water like crazy which is their point, but it feels gross. Hopefully in 2 weeks he’ll be able to do a more complete assessment after seeing what happens now

  2. Erin says:

    Have you considered celiac disease? It’s an autoimmune disorder where your body reacts to wheat, barley, rye and oats. If that’s the diagnosis you get, you should reach out to the Alamo Celiac Group (google them). Good luck!

    • Hey Erin! Celiac is one of the first things I thought about. I am going to ask about the possibility at the next appointment. My running buddy Angelica has a son that is gluten-sensitive (not intolerant) and she gave me some background on when they tested him.

      I know it’s not the end of the world, but I SO love oats and other whole grains!

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