Seems like lately, I feel best after running.  Trying not to add any extra running though, first race is just under a month away.  Monday I mowed our jungle as a sorta of “cross-training” which is the Monday plan.

This morning I hit the gym for weights before work.  Woke up before the alarm went off and I actually got out of bed.  The session was the best i’ve had in a while, but I get tired really easily lifting weights these days.  Funny how I fatigue much faster in an hour weights session, but can go run for 3 hours and be less tired.

Hoping to get a run in this evening, as today is two-a-day Tuesday.


Today and last Wednesday night are probably tied for the worst i’ve felt during this “mystery condition”.  I held on until 12:30 at work today, and then I couldn’t take it anymore.  I wore my cute new knit dress today, because I thought I was feeling better.  Immediately after eating my breakfast, I ballooned.  Unfortunately the dress was not flowy and there was no way I could hide it.  Plus I couldn’t bear to sit any longer, it was just too much, so I came home.

I hate insurance companies AND my PCP.

Not only do I have 2 workouts today, but I also went through scheduling two doctor appointments as well.

My OB/GYN referred me to a great GI doctor yesterday after I spoke with my Dr’s nurse about last week’s ultrasound (this guy sounded awesome, widely published, had great bio).   However, insurance won’t allow him to refer me for their purposes (my PCP has to do this).

I called my PCP to ask for a referral and they said no. They want me to see their preferred GI Dr, not the one I want.   This is their wish, not my insurance’s.  Insurance only wants a referral to the specialist from the PCP, they don’t care who it is.

So I cancelled my appointment with the guy I wanted, and settled for the guy they’ll actually refer me to. My PCP is fired after this. I am SO tired of him and his office.  He’s supposed to look out for my health and what I want, not for his buddies who he likes to refer people to. I have an appointment now on Thursday.  At least it’s sooner than the other appointment was, but I know nothing about this guy and I couldn’t find much about him online. 

In the meantime, because I am sure they’ll ask for it, I’m going to work on getting my food and workout journals in a format he can look at.  Good thing I’ve been journaling all of that for the last 3.5 years (i’ll probably give him 2 months worth).  I have a few notes about the days I really felt “off” so I guess that’ll get included too.  I’m sure they are going to look at possible intolerances and food allergies.  Crossing my fingers I didn’t develop something serious.

I’ve never really had any real health issues or concerns (other than the drill-bit that impaled my hand).  I guess i’ve been lucky to not have to deal with doctors or having to diagnose anything questionable before.


Speaking of twos, I’ll probably need to make 2 dinners tonight as well. 

Wasn’t pleased with the way my homemade thin-crust pizza dough baked up last night.  And i’m fairly sure that Dan won’t eat the leftovers.  The crust definately needed more heat or time in the oven or something, it was too chewy.  If he’ll eat it, I may reheat leftovers on my stone and see if I can improve the crispness that way. 

Not sure what i’ll do for myself.  Thinking about scraping the roasted veggie toppings off my slices and adding them to some tomato basil soup.  Not really feeling very much like bread.  Actually, not feeling very much like anything, but i’ve got to eat.  Had to force myself to eat lunch, which ended up with me being more uncomfortable than before 😦

Thursday can’t come soon enough.  Hopefully this guy is good and can pinpoint or at least get me closer to understanding what the heck is wrong! This crud is for the birds!!!


5 thoughts on “Two-a-day-Tuesday

  1. Sounds like you just need to build up your endurance for lifting is all. But, it can definitely take it out of you. For me it’d be the opposite. I don’t have the long distance endurance – ok cardio-wise, but not physically.

    Sounds like you definitely need to find a different PCP if they’re pulling that kind of crap. Unless they are part of what’s called a Medical Home, then they shouldn’t tell you who to go to unless the person you were trying to see was really bad.

    As for the pizza crust – do you use a pizza stone? That can help get a crisper crust and crank the heat too.

    • My lifting was great up until this condition had been happening for a week. So for the last 3 weeks, my lifting hasn’t been what it should be. Today was better, but I was still beat. I know it’ll get back to where it should be in due time.

      I didn’t use a stone this time, but I have one. Dan said he didn’t like the crust period (probably because he knew it was whole wheat). He’s quick to judge things if he knows they may be healthier

  2. Are you eating before you lift? Have you recently changed the time in which you lift? Can you give me an example of your training?

    I sure hope they can figure out what’s going on with ya’, hon! I cannot STAND IT when I know something’s going wacky and I have no idea why! >:O

    • No, I always eat before and after and it’s almost always the same time for the workouts (5:30 am on Tue/Thur and then 8 on Sun). I do full body 3 times a week.

      I think I am being too hard on myself. I have to remember that on Sun, I am still recovering from long runs, which are the longest they get and even though i’m light on legs that day, running high miles takes alot out of you. Before vacation the miles were only moderate, now I am in the peak of training. I’ve never actually stuck with my weights through training for a full.

      I’m going to hang in there and stick with it. I am just grateful i’ve still been able to do my workouts

      • Awesome attitude, doll! That’s the beautiful thing about having a blog: You can look back and see what you’ve done, what might have gone differently or “wrong”. We’re always having wacky weather patterns and righteous allergens invading. You’ve got the right idea, though!

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