Living on a prayer


I was definately living on a prayer Sunday morning.  Despite my early bedtime, I did not feel great and the last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 4:30 and then run.  I’ve woken up with a bad attitude on race morning before, but this was alot more than bad attitude, I really truely felt physically bad and wasn’t sure i’d be ready by time my leg went around 10 am.  We lost 2 girls the week of the race, so our 5 girls became 3 girls and 2 guys.  The guys were friends of Megan and turned out to be really nice (and fast).  It was actually cool outside, which was nice, although waiting around from 6-10 am, I was freezing because i’m a freak that gets cold really easily.  Forgot that for the last 2 years, i’ve brought a hoodie with me to wear.  This year it was forgotten in the car.

I warmed up after Megan (who was also sick), our 3rd leg went out and I started feeling better.  I was scared of getting sick on course, so I ran conservatively.  So much so, that I had enough left for a sprint in the last quarter mile before I handed off to Sarah, our anchor.  And I wasn’t even winded or felt like I’d raced when I was done.  Ooops, maybe that was too conservative.  My leg was just under 25 mins.  Not stellar, but I just wanted to be safe with the way I felt.  I actually felt MUCH better after the run.  Sheesh, if I would have known that, I would have run a few miles at 6 am when I got to the race.

We finished around 3:41.  Darn, we missed Boston 😉  The results and the splits were messed up on the race page, so I didn’t see all of our splits and paces.  It listed our final times but not all of our legs.  We just run this for fun, but one day I think it would be cool to run it competitive. 


Traffic was horrible.  I didn’t make it to North Austin until 1.  Stopped at Sprouts for weekly groceries on the way home.  I felt very light headed during shopping and realized I didn’t eat lunch!  I ate a snack at the finish line, but didn’t have anything after that.  I am not one to forget to eat, my stomach usually reminds me.  However stomach is not reminding me lately, so I grabbed a pear and a wasa cracker out of my grocery bag to eat in the car, even though I really hate food in my car (unless it’s drinkable).

Got home, started laundry, watched Project Runway.  Pretty uneventful day once I got home.  Dan got home from his charity motorcycle ride around 10 (yes, I waited up for him).   Seems like he had a good time, which is nice.  We do things seperately from time to time.  I think it’s good for a relationship.  I have friends who never do anything away from their significant other and I guess I don’t grasp that concept.  Sometimes doing things seperately or enjoying seperate hobbies is a good thing.  He likes motorcycles, I don’t.  I run, he doesn’t.   I think having your own interests and own special time apart is beneficial. 


Did some food prep for the week.  Roasted some veggies for Monday night’s pizza.  Then I put together a recreation of Southern Shrimp Salad from Another Broken Egg.  We always go to the one in Destin, Florida on vacation.  I am not generally a fan of eating breakfast out, since alot of places don’t have healthier options.  This year we went for brunch and I opted for that salad.  OUT OF THIS WORLD and i’ve been dreaming of it since.  The description says:  Marinated, grilled shrimp atop a bed of spring mix, with cucumber, mandarin oranges, sliced strawberries, feta & sprouts.

 Sprouts Farmers Market had Earth Bound Farm Organic fresh herb salad blend on sale (never tried it before).  Took a container of that, added the rest of the ingredients and plated it like the restaurant.  I only had salad shrimp (which I dusted in Mediterranean spices and garlic) and used Tomato Basil President brand Feta instead of plain.  OMG it was SO good.   Just like in the restaurant, there was so  much flavor, a dressing wasn’t needed.  But I suppose if you wanted one, a vinegrette would be best.

In the restaurant it came with cheese crostinis.  I used a serving of Stacys Everything Bagel chips instead (I had bought those as something “chippy” for my parents to have on Friday with their sandwiches). It was a GREAT idea. 

I ate half the salad for dinner and packed the other half for my Monday lunch.  Didn’t have any more bagel chips, so I made some seasoned “chips” out of a Wasa cracker, some EVOO, italian seasonings and garlic.

My mock-up was pretty much spot-on, if not better than the original!


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