Ode to the ice bath


Another dark and early morning on Friday!  Picked up AK at her new house at 5 and headed to the lake.  Wasn’t sure about traffic, since I never really go down there on a weekday, but it was fine.  Started right around 6 am and we had planned for a 7 and a 10 loop, with a little add on. 

Pace was a little slower than I like, but I didn’t say anything.  Come mile 8 (back toward the car again), she told me she was done and that her Achilles was hurting bad.  I gave her the key, told her to move my car to the gym, to work on the leg with stretching, rolling, and ice, and i’d meet her there after the run.

I pulled together and had a fairly good run overall.  At 17 I started feeling sloppy and  then tripped on the last step coming up onto Congress which was right before the mile 18 Garmie beep, but I didn’t fall, just a scare (why do I run stairs at the end of long runs?). It POURED down rain as soon as I stopped running and started walking, but it felt glorious!  It was so humid and gross that morning, I welcomed the downpour.  Walked 6 blocks in the rain to the gym for a cool-down and then stretched and showered.

We had to pick up our newly printed ARC shirts for the SiLabs relay and run errands on the way back.  Before I knew it, it was 11:45!  I needed to be at home at least by noon to meet my parents who were driving in, eat lunch, and get ready for my dentist appt! 


When I got home at 12:15, my parents had already let themselves in and had made themselves sandwiches.  At least they weren’t waiting on me, which is what I’d feared.

I threw together a quick lunch/snack of almond butter on a wild rice cake with apple slices and hit the guest tub again, this time for this:

Yes, I ate my lunch in the bathtub.  I was in such a hurry, I had to multi-task 😉  There is nothing relaxing about an ice bath.  Nothing.  I hate being cold.  But I like to think that when the miles get high, that it helps recovery.  That or i’m freezing my buns off for nothing, or maybe I just like wearing a hoodie in the bathtub, hehe!

Mom went with me to the dentist, just in case.  It was fine I guess, but I couldn’t drive after because my left eyelid was also numb and I couldn’t keep my eye open all of the way.  Unfortunately I am sensitive to novacaine and was nauseous the rest of Friday and all of Saturday.  Oh and the dentist office bakes hot Otis Spunkmeyer cookies for the patients.  WHY?  “Hey, come get your teeth cleaned, don’t get decay or cavities, and by the way, have a ooey gooey sugary cookie while you are here.”  Don’t get it, seems odd to me.  I have nothing against cookies, especially hot and yummy ones, just seemed very out of place.

Came back, needed to nap, but didn’t.  Parents didn’t leave until right before Dan got home.  Dan and I took off to Stubbs BBQ for dinner and the Drive By Truckers concert.  At this point there would normally be some fun photos of dinner and the show inserted…however, I wasn’t feeling well at all, like my mystery condition PLUS nausea from the novacaine.  Dan made me eat some bbq smoked turkey off his plate, which i’d usually love, but not the case.  I made it through the opener and that was it.  I felt like death.  I refused to let Dan leave and take me home, so I called mom and sister to come get me.

Sister was a little po’d that she had to drive 45 minutes one way on a Friday night to come get me, but I think she got over it.  I got to hear 3 songs before I left, which made me happier, but knew there was no way i’d last til the end.  That particular band only comes to town twice a year. 

I came home and stumbled straight into bed.  I didn’t even take off my makeup or my wristband from the concert.


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