The only upsets weren’t in college football yesterday…


Couldn’t sleep, so I got up at 5 am and started cleaning after a bowl of espresso-brownie oats.  It put my mind at ease that the house was in order and yummy oatmeal helped too.   Then I threw on some clothes and waited for the gym to open.  Attempted weights, went easy on the legs since I ran long the day before and I had a race the next day on Sunday.   The session was better than they’d been, but nothing i’d be proud of.  Definately NOT training with intensity.


Came home and got ready for BFF to get here.  We then picked up mom and sister for lunch at Zocalo.  Traffic sucked because of the UT game being at home.  Had a nice lunch although I was bummed that I felt off still (novacaine still bothering me) and could only eat soup (spicy black bean).  Mom and BFF tried new things, which looked awesome (ckn fajita tacos and the chicken torta).

Sister and BFF in the “thinking chairs” at Zocalo Cafe

We then headed to South Congress to hit a few stores, then on to 6th Street aka Pecan Street, for the bi-annual Pecan Street Festival.  It was HOT and huge.  Unfortunately I didn’t find much.  I bought my sister some port-wine pecans and myself some seasonings/mixes/herb blends at Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop which just happens to be on the part of 6th where the festival was.  I’d hoped to find some fun jewelry or other trinkets, but no such luck.  Great people watching, as usual though.

Thought this fella was cute, dressed as a UT Longhorn.  There were a ton of doggies dressed in UT gear, this one was the most creative and cute.  Yes I live in Austin, and no, I don’t like UT Football. 

Diet coke break was a must, it was HOT!

We then headed to sister’s birthday dinner at Moonshine.  I still wasn’t feeling well, so I opted for a salad and their rosemary roasted sweet potatoes (which are out of this world!).  They have really good food, so it bummed me to not be able to eat what I wanted.   Sister’s bf couldn’t help but make snide remarks about what I was eating, even though she forewarned him (classy).   Of course, sister’s bf annoyed the life out of my mother, my BFF, and myself.  I’ll just say that if I didn’t love my sister so much, I would never attend any event where he was.  Not only do I not like him because he’s a middle-aged child, but she deserves to be treated better.

After dinner we went back to their house for gourmet cupcakes (we special ordered 1 or 2 for each person).   Oh and being the jerk he is, although sister and BFF told him not to eat the Key Lime “Hemingway” cupcake because that was what I ordered, he did.  So the cupcake I was saving for when I felt well enough to eat it, is now just a memory. 

 I didn’t stay long, I took off for home and went to bed super early.  I felt half-way sick, but mostly sick of being around sister’s bf.  I’m not a mean and spiteful person, but I REALLY can’t stand him.  And no, it’s not because he ate my cupcake 😦

Seemed like sister had a good day, which is all that really matters in the end.


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