Ode to the hot bath


DOR today.  Was originally going to do arms at the gym, but after last night’s stomach ordeal, decided I needed a break. 


Apparently mediterranean chicken can be served 100 different ways.  I didn’t do it in the pita like planned, but will in the near future.

There was mine (with the rest of the roasted greek-spiced veggies, side of tomato-basil-garlic crispy strips that I made from a La Tortilla wrap).

There was his (over spaghetti noodles)

And then there was yesterday’s, which I don’t have photos of, but served with garlic-herbed toasted pita wedges.


Well tomorrow is long run day and that means night before ritual.  Yes, I prefer my guest bath tub to my master’s garden tub.  I can stretch out in the guest tub, it’s easier to clean, and it wastes less water.  My master is pretty much for decor purposes only, I NEVER use it.

Hot epsom salt bath, magazine time 🙂  Great way to end the day and prep for tomorrow!  Bring the miles!!!


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