Pity party for one.


I usually lift weights on Tuesday morning and run in the evening.  Instead I switched it up and ran before work.  It wasn’t a bad run, in fact Garmin says it was a good run, however I felt uncomfortable and bloaty.  UGH.

I ended up doing weights at lunch at the gym at work.  The gym at work isn’t very good and my effort was pretty half-assed.  I’ve been struggling with weights for the last week, I can only imagine it’s whatever the heck is wrong with me, but then again, it doesn’t really running.   I know it’s a much different type of workout and a different kind of endurance.  I’ve got 7 weeks to go in training, I refuse to let the weights lapse (which I did last season).  I will try again with just arms tomorrow (no legs, have a long run Friday), and then full body again Saturday. 

Yeah, my schedule is all screwed up this week because I want to go to Drive By Truckers concert on Friday night (WOOHOO FOR THE ROCK SHOW!)  and I know attempting a long on Saturday would be silly.  So I am running Friday morning instead, which originally a vacation day, but now a sick day, since I am getting the tooth yanked that day too.  And I have a relay Sunday, which I do every year.  So I think i’ll do Sunday’s usual workout on Saturday. 


Just like I predicted, Dan wasn’t nuts about the chicken and peanut noodles.  He says it’s because the rotiesserie chicken I used (it was on hand, needed to use it up) reminded him of the smell of his breakfast sausage and it freaked him out.  Um ok, whatever, it’s not the first time you’ve eaten smoked/roasted chicken.  I ate my serving and the other 3 servings went into the trash 😦  I thought about freezing them, but I honestly don’t eat alot of things I freeze except for sauces or soups, so I knew better.  Plus because of my track record lately, I knew there was no way to eat them as lunches, which is what I would have normally done with something he rejected.

I’ve been sticking to oatbran for breakfast with PB or fruit or veggies added, soup for lunch and an apple for a snack.  I ate lunch Tuesday at 3:30 and that was only because I made myself.   I did actually get hungry for dinner, which was good, but it was more of a half hungry.  The meals are getting in, but sometimes forced.  I HATE this. 


I’ve heard alot of “boo hoo you can’t eat, that’s not something to be sad about.”  Really?  I like to eat, you need to eat for survival.  Plus being active, you need to eat more.  I have to fuel my everyday activity, plus workouts.   I mean I don’t want to be a ravenous beast either, but there have honestly been some days where i’ve had to make up calories at the end of the day with PB, Ensure, or something else calorie dense but not too filling (because then I get REALLY uncomfortable and have a knot in my side).     I’ve heard a couple of times that people were jealous.  WHAT?!?!  Come on people!  There is something medicially wrong with me that is producing this side-effect.  I don’t want it.  I tell Dan 10 times a day that I am tired of being “broken”.  At least I haven’t cried this week, so that’s some progress.  I think I cried just about every day on vacation and half of last week because I was frustrated.

 Sitting by the phone isn’t helping, but I really wish my Dr. would call and give me a next step.  He’s so busy, i’m sure he hasn’t reviewed the scans.  With this Dr. I am being patient because he’s a great Dr. and I want him to be the one to give me directive.  I do not care to deal with my regular Dr. on this, since his answer is always “there is nothing wrong with you” and after my first scan, he suggested I pretty much live on OTC meds until I felt better, which never happened, I got worse.

The problems I have are likely just side-effects of something else.   This is courtesy of Dan:

Yes, i’ve WebMD’d this.  Yes, i’ve scared the crud out of myself.  I couldn’t help it.  Sometimes you need to try to figure out what’s slightly abnormal and when you need to seek medical attention.  That’s my story and i’m sticking to it!

Still holding out hope that this is something minor, I get some meds, and get all better.  And soon.

Pity Party over.   I feel fine despite the discomfort.  I WILL BE FINE 🙂


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