Case of the Mondays

I friggin LOVE Office Space, just in case you didn’t know.  Mike Judge is awesome, well mostly awesome, I don’t care for all of his work, but Office Space and King of the Hill are 2 favs.  If you aren’t from Texas, KOTH is exactly like Texas and growing up there in a smaller town. 

Speaking of, I love Friday Night lights and yes, if you aren’t from Texas, that is the exact depiction of teenage life in high school in Texas, or was for me (minus the gangs).  And that football field that the team plays on that is supposed to be in the “ghetto” is on Lake Lady Bird running trail!  Not the nicest part of the trail, but I run by it any time I do the 10 mile loop!


Got to work early, because I was still in charge and had some projects to do before the day started.  Thought about running before work, but the idea of running on nothing but liquid fuel scared me, sounded like asking for a fall…so I didn’t.  I never workout on Monday mornings, but I momentarily thought about it, thinking maybe it would make my stomach behave better for my test.

Work blew by, before I knew it, it was appointment time.  Had my appointment and 2 different kinds of ultrasounds.  This time I thought for sure they’d be able to see more with me having almost only liquids for 2 days.  WRONG 😦  Yes, my stomach was still too full.  The tech and the machine were better and she got some scans, but it was a huge problem.  I can only hope that my Dr. (different one than first scan) can see something.  This is seriously driving me nuts.   I went home and thought about everything I could have tried to do differently to get my stomach to cooperate.  Dan assured me it wasn’t my fault, but I now think I should have opted for an AM test, maybe that would have made a difference.

 I like to eat, I want to eat.  I do eat but I can’t eat when and what I want.  I have to be careful with the volume of what I eat, because if not I either 1) look pregnant, 2) can’t sit up straight, 3) very uncomfortable.  And half the time I am just not having an appetite or getting hungry at all.  If you know me, you know, NOT LIKE ME AT ALL, I eat at least 6 times a day and I eat alot.  Fortunately I am never in pain, it’s just lots of discomfort.  I am SO ready to have some sort diagnosis or progress toward something.


JOY! Found the mediterranean chicken recipe, turns out it was in the Fresh Market supermarket book that I picked up in Florida.   At least that was 1 perk of the day!  I am super excited to make that Wednesday, I think we’ll both love it.

Another perk was dinner, which was Peanut noodles with Shredded chicken and vegetables  We liked it.  Not sure Dan was nuts over it, but I thought it was yum!  Next time i’d add even more vegetables, even though I put more than it asked for, I didn’t feel there was enough.  I didn’t have the right noodles (how does that happen), so I used rotini instead.  I had every noodle shape BUT spaghetti or linguine.  Figured rotini would still get nice sauce-surface coverage and it did.  Think I made the right choice over shells or penne 😉


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