Standstill Sunday


Didn’t get to the gym when it opened, but I was close.   Was dragging butt all day (hence the name of today’s blog), from the time I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed, until the time I went to bed for the night (now I know it’s super high mold counts in the air).  I lifted weights and it was not my most stellar performance, but it was there.  Foam rolled my legs to try to finish off that charlie horse pain which was only a tinge left.


Dan was actually down with the mold allergy too.  If Dan is down, I know it’s really bad.  Dan takes shots and pills for his cat allergies and he’s not really allergic to anything else.  I use him, my friend Alison, and my coworker as my allergy barometers.  If they feel bad, then I know it’s allergies and not me getting some weird cold.

I didn’t get much accomplished at home at all.  Laundry, cleaned a tiny bit, groceries, a little food prep, and tossed some dead veggie plants from the back porch, finished hanging scarves in my dining room.  I wanted my new patio set put together so I could stain it before I set it out, but none of that happened 😦  Maybe one day this week if it doesn’t rain.

Just as I predicted, Dan watching the Auburn game was loud and violent.  NOT A FAN OF THAT.  I pretty much stayed upstairs and cleaned and worked on setting up my office nook again.  I decided to remove my laptop from the living room and put it into the nook where it belongs and have it hooked up through my full size monitor and with keyboard and mouse.  I want to keep phone/email/computer time to a minimum between dinner and bedtime.  Dan and I are both guilty of  getting sucked into these distractions (me on the laptop, him on the iphone).  I cleaned up my nook, which had gotten piled up with random things that needed to be sorted.  Looks all neat and pretty now 🙂   Now if he’d only keep his office neat and organized (he has a full size office downstairs with a closet.  I have a built-in office nook upstairs, with a HUGE closet). 

My 2nd ultrasound is Monday late afternoon.  In an effort to make sure my stomach isn’t too full with food like the first one, I have been trying to only stick with liquids until the test.  I’ve done ok with that for the most part, but my brain knows this is a self imposed ban and not a medically necessary ban, so I had a few small pieces of chicken and a rice cake with almond butter, in addition to the pudding, cottage cheese, smoothies, and soups i’ve eaten.  Sad thing is, I have to have a tooth pulled on Friday, so i’ll be back to the liquids again Friday.  SUCK.  Lol, not suck literally, because you can’t do that after dental work 😉

Hopefully the week is low key, because the weekend will not be.   Friday I run 18 miles in morning, then have my tooth yanked at noon, then it’s Drive By Truckers concert at Stubbs that night (of course Dan wants to eat there, not sure what i’ll do with my stupid mouth).  Saturday my BFF is coming into town for my sister’s bday (but she’s staying with me) we are doing Pecan Street festival and dinner on Saturday for that, then Sunday it’s wake up supa early for Silicon Relay and then a BBQ at sister’s house for more birthday celebration.   

Dan is out of town on Saturday and Sunday, he’s doing his own thing with a concert, floating the river, and a charity motorcycle ride.   After I thought about it some, I decided that spending time with my family for my sister’s birthday for the majority of the weekend is where I needed to be.  Somethings just trump others in life , and seeing my family and BFF this weekend is where I need to be.


In an effort to prepare for my ultrasound on Monday, I made the Tomato Bisque from Gina.  It was pretty simple and tastes amazing.  I still exploded it a bit in my blender, because I was impatient and put too much in there.  That’s what I get, lol!  Anyhow, if I was eating solid food, i’d be pairing it with a grilled cheese or some sort of grilled sandwich, but alas, since it’s only liquids, it’s solo until after Monday evening.  You better believe that Tuesday for lunch, when I eat the last serving, there will be a crusty-cheesy accompaniment to the soup. 

Trying a few new recipes this week.  A Thai inspired stir fry tonight and a mediterranean chicken dish.  Well the chicken may have to wait, because while I wrote it on the menu, I forgot to write where I saw the recipe!  If I can’t find it, will make something of the like.  All I remember is that it was chicken, capers, artichokes and maybe some feta.  HATE when I do that.  I looked through my emails and my reader and I don’t see it.  Going to drive myself nuts until I find it!


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