Switched up Saturday


Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, things just don’t go your way.  Saturday morning was this time.  To start it off, I got a horrible Charlie Horse in my sleep and could barely walk when I went to get dressed for the run.

Lake Lady Bird aka Town Lake was to be closed at Pfluger Bridge all weekend for expansion construction.  It was unclear whether or not there would be suggested marked detours.  AK and I contemplated a group in Round Rock, but that would be much earlier and have to be modified quite a bit.  We planned on a 10 and a 7 loop at the Lake, with the plan to run around the construction.  Neither one of us really worried about the condition of the route from the flooding.

We started out dark and early.  Ran into a lady from Houston that needed direction, so we took her with us.  We didn’t even get 1/2 mile into the run when AK took a really bad spill.  I tried to make her go back to the car, but she refused.   I have nothing against people on bikes but they should REALLY not allow bikes to be on the local trails when there is flood damage, it worsens the conditions so much more (there were deep gashes everywhere from bike tires).  Later in the run, when it was actually daylight, we were able to see just how bad the damage was.  It was absolutely horrible.  It’s no wonder we didn’t all take spills in some of those areas.

Most of the run was in and around the fancy neighborhoods on the lake and off trail.  Turns out you couldn’t run anywhere near the construction, so while our route was very improvised, it worked out well.  Despite the conditions, the detours, and AK’s fall, we had a decent run.  Pace was 15-30 secs slower than i’d like, but with all things considered and the massive humidity, i’ll take it!  We both agreed that we felt like we’d run a marathon that morning.


Ran errands after the run.  I actually didn’t mind Costco, for like the first time ever in Austin.  We only have 2 for all of central Texas, really wish they’d build more.  No matter when you go, even if you get there right when they open, it’s insane.  I should go more, but the experience is always so unpleasant, that I avoid it.  I actually prefer to go to the ones in San Antonio if i’m in the area, because they have more locations and they aren’t near as nuts with crowds.  Picked up some regular items:  strawberries, mini peppers, mushrooms, egg beaters, kitty litter, and some Johnny’s Garlic Bread seasoning that Janetha blogged about.  I wanted to get more, but I held back and didn’t explore.


Time flew by at home and the next thing I knew it was time to get ready to go to dinner and Chris Knight at Cactus Cafe (bar/listening room on the UT campus).  Cactus Cafe is THE best intimate acoustic venue ever, and I am so glad that they decided to save it during the State of Texas budget cuts. 

 We ended up at Kerbey Lane for dinner.  I was a bit shocked, because Dan hates Kerbey Lane, it’s too weird and “hippie” for him.  My food was awesome, just like I remembered.  I had Green green enchiladas and some of Dan’s Cowboy Queso appetizer.  In hindsight, the queso probably wasn’t the greatest idea, but it was tasty and I almost never eat it out.  I was so happy I was able to eat dinner, however, hours later, I felt pretty horrid and couldn’t sit up straight.  Damn this stupid “whatever it is condition.”  I have another ultrasound on Monday, hopefully something is determined.  I am SO tired of my eating being off.  I like to eat.

Since we were out, Dan DVR’d the Auburn game.  I HATE watching DVR’d football.  So while he was on his self imposed Twitter and Facebook ban, I cheated and looked at the score.  I am glad they won, but it’s going to be a very violent and noisy Sunday afternoon in my living room when we goes to watch that freaking game.  This is why I like watching the games live and in public 😉


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