Eating like a dietitian


Saw this article on Yahoo’s main page today and I really liked it.

Eat like a dietitian

I really like what it has to say, although:

~I struggle with #4 (not being a picker)

~I really want to get better at #7 (eating fish)

~I LOVE #5.  I always say what a food snob i’ve become, especially when it comes to sweets.  I only want the best, no random or mediocre sweets for me!  I used to be BAD (at work potlucks sometimes I would eat only the desserts as a meal). When I do have that kind of thing now, I try to eat it out or buy small servings and it has to be high quality and awesome tasting.  While I am a food snob, that doesn’t stop me from eating too much of a sweet thing if it’s not in a controlled environment.  It’s a trigger of mine and I know how to control it.  It’s called keeping it out of my house.  Not saying I won’t enjoy them, I surely do.  I just can’t have cookies, cakes, etc staring me in the face at home.

I always taste the cake at weddings and plan to indulge.  If it’s not good, I pass on it.  If its worthy, I enjoy the cake.  Same goes for any other occasion that has goodies that look fabulous.  And i’ll be honest, I did not eat the cake at BFF’s wedding shower (it was a supermarket sheet cake, which I don’t really care for).  And at her June wedding, I tasted the cake, didn’t really like it, so I only ate a few bites and gave the rest to my dad.   The gourmet cupcakes for my birthday from Cupcake Couture in SA were fabulous and you better believe I ate mine AND tasted Dan’s and my sister’s.

Last week went to a Kilwins chocolate store in Panama City.  REALLY wish I would have taken photos, it was awesome (reminded me of  Lammes Candies in Austin).  Dan isn’t a big sweets guy, although he got like 3 different things (he’s so random with his sweet tooth and it’s nothing like everyone else in his family).  I got a coffee truffle and ate it slowly and savored it.  He made fun of me for sitting there and eating this truffle in like 3 bites and for not ordering more.  I didn’t want more.  I just wanted a taste of something sweet and that did it.    It’s amazing sometimes to look back at then and now.  Old me would have ordered a dozen and eaten them all.  I’m not saying I always have self control, but man it feels good when I do.


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