Florida-the beach

Our mode of transportation.  Dan had booked a “premium car”.  Not exactly what he had in mind, but we fit in well with the older Floridians, lol!

We made it to the beach at least for a little while every day.  Our hotel was on the beach, which I loved.  Dan didn’t really like the hotel, but i’d be completely happy to stay there again, except their gym sucked.  That’s ok though, because when I needed a gym, I had a travel pass to the local Gold’s location.  YAY for my gym rockin!  (I hit it Sun, Mon, and Tues).  I hit the beach alone every morning after I worked out, stretched out on the deck, then showered, went back down there for some peace and quiet near the water.  SO relaxing.  I “slept in” until 5:30 on most days.

Here I am being a dork by myself on the deck on Wednesday morning after i’d run my mid-week long.

Dan and I on the beach the first night.

Dan and I on the beach the last night.  Ignore the fact that I was a really odd tan on my stomach.  Apparently I blotch in that area.  It’s been years since I wore a 2 piece, that’s probably why.

Some AMAZING scenery, especially at sunset. 

I’m not going to say that I dislike Texas beaches, but the Florida Panhandle beaches are SO much nicer.  I wish Dan had more vacation time, because i’d LOVE to go more than once a year!


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