Tiresome Tuesday


Why is coming back from vacation so stressful?  This is definately the worst post-vacation week i’ve ever had.  I can’t even get post-vacation depression, because I don’t even have time to think about it!  Probably a good thing I don’t vacation more.  Then again, I traveled for work the 2 weeks BEFORE vacation so I am sure that didn’t really help either.  I am behind on just about everything under the sun.  To make things worse, I’m still not feeling great.  This Dr. ordered another ultrasound.   The soonest I could get an appointment is Monday 😦  I’m not so happy about that. 

Was planning on staying late at work tomorrow since Dan is playing golf in the evening, but I forgot that I have a dentist appointment.  No way am I rescheduling that, it’s super hard to get in with my dentist, i’ve had that appt for 6 months.  Instead i’m having dinner with my sister, haven’t seen her in too long.  It really bothers me that we’ve drifted so much, mostly due to her significant other 😦

Weight Watchers

Check out the Lose for Good Campaign.  Just in case you didn’t know, I lost my weight on Weight Watchers from January-June 2007 and have kept it off ever since.  WW changed my life and taught me how to change my lifestyle for good.  If you have preconceived notions of the program and never really looked into it, check it out.  There are different ways to do the program and ways to incorporate the principals into your life.

When the campaign is over, they suggest donations to a food bank in the amount you lost in that period.  I will not be losing, but I do plan to donate 40 lbs of food to the food bank to mark my loss that i’ve maintained.


I hit the gym before work today for strength.  After work for 4 miles on the “run-trainer”.  It felt really good to get back into things.  I missed weights on Thursday due to our deep sea fishing trip and then Sunday because I was so tired I could barely function. 

Mid-week mid-range tomorrow with AK in the earrrrly AM.  Not really looking forward to it based on how i’ve been feeling.  Plus last week’s Wed run was my slowest run of the week, partially because my stomach was so bloated, I felt like I was carrying 20 extra lbs.  Maybe i’ll wake up feeling better!

Will be running my weekday runs at gym or Lakeline, here’s why

Thanks Hermine, you suck.  A week after the flooding, the trail at Brushy Creek is still under like 20 feet water.  This pic is from my car, sitting on the bridge, the water is 5 feet under the bridge.  There is usually NO water in this area.  The only water is in the small lake, which isn’t in this immediate area.

Hopefully the water will recede and the cleanup will be fast.  This is a major trail in the NW Austin area and there are several races coming up on it!


2 thoughts on “Tiresome Tuesday

  1. Giiiiiiiiiiiirl, I went up there Sunday to get in my 10-miler around Ladybird, and it was trashed as all getout! >:O Six miles later, and I had just straight up had enough of the mud, the gunky smell, the horrible view of my hometown lake so gross looking…for the first time, I gave up, lol! Mimosas at Iron Cactus with an old friend was my only redemption. 😀

    I love that you’re still active in WW, three years after a great weight loss!

  2. I hope it’s back in good order this weekend! I’ve got 17 miles to pound out on Saturday morning. (Dark and early is what we like to call it, lol!)

    Brushy Creek will probably be down for at least a month. Hopefully the damage isn’t too severe, there is a marathon there Oct 24!

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