Shopping on Sunday

Got up early and got to Golds when they opened. I had precoordinated a travel pass, glad I did. This was my first time using a franchise location and their computers aren’t linked. The gym is super small but way better than the hotel. I lifted weights and came back to shower and get dressed for the day.


Dan and his dad went to play golf, so his mom and I took off in the “land yacht” to the outlets. Interestingly enough, while everything opens later in the Bible Belt on Sundays, the outlets actually open an hour earlier than Tx!

We had a great time. Probably the longest one on one we’ve ever had together. I had great luck at Ann Taylor, it’s a good thing I’d saved money specifically for that occasion. And for the first time EVER I didn’t see a single thing I wanted in Michael Kors. My MK wallet was singing with relief, although I think it secretly wants a new home 😉

Ate at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe for lunch, which I miss. The location in Austin only lasted for a year. Our lunch turned into a 2.5 hour gab session. Good conversation, but the main topic was worrying about Dan and his health. Ugh, that boy is going to be the death of me one day. I worry about his health and well being constantly.

We met back with the boys at the hotel and had a little evening beach time. I started feeling yuck and was a little cold, so I stayed on land with Dan’s dad and chatted with him, while Dan and his mom swam (they even had dolphins for company).

We cleaned up and headed to dinner, by this time is was 8 and on a Sunday, the sidewalks were pretty much rolled up. We ended up at O’charley which they’d all been to, but we don’t have in Tx. Food wasn’t good, but I only had a few bites anyhow because I started feeling I’ll again. Ugh this sucks.


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