Coming up for air

I can’t believe it’s been 6 days since i’ve been around.  Everything has really just run together.   I am so terribly exhausted.  I went to bed really late every night and woke up at my usual work time everyday.  Plus, I haven’t been feeling bad persay, but my allergies have been killer and my apparent “health non-issue according to my stupid Dr” is worse than ever.  In fact, I am trying a dairy elimination while on vacation to see if that is part of the issue.


So I did my long last Friday, so that kind of changed my schedule.  First thing I noticed when I checked into my hotel, was that the gym sucked.  AGAIN.  So I called the front desk, because the book said that other arrangements could be made.  Well they no longer have a contract anywhere.  So during my lunch break on Saturday, I went to what was possibly the nicest 24 hour fitness ever  (in Keller) and got a guest trial pass.  He’d only give me 4 days, but that was ok, because that’s all I needed.  I lifted weights there Sunday and Tuesday mornings before work and did cross there on Monday morning.  Saturday morning I did active rest by walking on the treadmill at the hotel on incline
(the only time I used their gym).  Because i’d run last Friday, went to work, and then traveled, I was a bit tight.  So the walking came in handy.  Tuesday night I ran at Trinity Trails before dinner at Love Shack.  Wednesday I ran my mid-week long there before I hit the road (showered at a Gold’s in Crowley).  Worked out ok.  Today was a DOR, and I SO needed it.  Tomorrow is my long since we have to be at the airport on Saturday at the time i’d usually be running and I didn’t want to push it back to Sunday, because that never ends well.  Hopefully I can get rested enough for this run, because as of right now, I can barely function I am so tired.  I just did an epsom soak and trying to unwind. 


Hopefully I can recover a bit tomorrow, although it’s a hectic day off of work, because I can barely function right now.  I watched 0 tv while I was gone, I read 0 blogs, I went out 1 time on the first night (the Rangers got their butts kicked, which sucked), I ate 0 sit-down meals (other than the first and last nights).  Training was long and I had homework that took up almost all of my free time.   The only reason I read emails is because of my Blackberry.


I stayed at an extended stay hotel, so I made parts of breakfasts (parts were from Starbucks), most of my snacks,  and 1 dinner (I wanted something I couldn’t buy at a restaurant).  Everything else was takeout from sit-down places (Central Market fish, BBQ, steak, Love Shack sandwich, an awesome veggie burger the first night from Spiral Vegetarian Diner,  etc).  I went to WW on Monday and I maintained perfectly.  Proof you can totally be out of your element, eat out almost everything for 2 weeks straight, and still stay on track.  Hopefully next week on vacation will be more of the same for me.   Sometimes I do better when I have to eat out, although I get sick of it after a while. 

Honestly if Central Market (in Southlake) and Spiral Diner(way on other side of FW) weren’t such a haul, I probably would have eaten at both places more.  I wish I had a Central Market near me.  There are 2 in Austin and for some reason they are both pretty far south.  It’s a bummer, I like lunching there and like it more than Whole Foods for food.  The tuna I had there the other day was out of this world!  And I had to have Love Shack.  I ADORE their Love Bird sandwich and their Anasazi beans.  Probably a good thing there are only 2 locations and they are both in FW, lol!

I ate some good food, majority of it stuff that I would have normally eaten. Maybe one day soon i’ll dedicate a daily blog to my takes on eating out BBQ.

I’m off to get ready for bed.  Hopefully I have a good run to report tomorrow!  (although my Garmin ANT agent finally broke completely, so I can’t upload).  Ordered a new one, but won’t be here til Sept 12.  I dont need the ANT though to tell me how the run went, but it’s good feedback.


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