Finally Friday!


Started the day off with my long.  AK texted me at 3 telling me she didn’t sleep and wasn’t going.  I was ok with this, wasn’t sure about her riding her bike next to me for the whole route, especially in the dark (her ART Dr. told her not to run today).   I’m a big girl, I can run by myself and sometimes prefer it (after all, I usually do races alone).  Got up at 4, ate my mocha-nut oats breakfast (which I cooked over in the microwave), grrr!  I ate what stayed in the bowl and headed south in my already packed car. 

I didn’t start at 5 like I wanted, it was more like 5:30.  By time I got moving and got down there, it was 5:15ish.  Forgot my light, so it was darkness for me.  Luckily there was a little bit of a moon and I didn’t kill myself, but it didn’t do me any favors speedwise.  Sun didn’t come up until like mile 8 and I finally got into a groove since I could see.  I finished it off, not sure about the paces because I couldn’t see my Garmin most of the time.  Since my ANT agent is barely in 1 piece, I didn’t bring it on my trip. 

Got back to the downtown gym to shower.  Saw 2 crackheads get arrested while I was waiting on my drink at Starbucks and saw 2, yes TWO people steal my freaking latte.  Really wish that location would write people’s freaking names on things.  It was so crowded, I couldn’t get up there fast enough to snatch it first.  I then moved on to work.


Headed up to Fort Worth for work right before 2 pm.  I swear that they moved the distance between Austin and Waco, because it seemed like I drove FOREVER before I got to Waco to stop for my McAllister’s ice tea with extra lemon. 

Got to my hotel, I chose a Candlewood since i’ll be up here for several days and thought I may like a kitchen.  I think I would have been better served with my usual Holiday Inn Express.  I stopped by the gym before I even went to get my bags and it SUCKS.  Better than last week’s hotel, but not by much.  The book said “ask if you need a local gym that offers more”, so I did.  Apparently they no longer have a contract with 24 hour fitness.  UGH.  Maybe i’ll go get a guest pass.  It’s not the end of the world to not have a gym (I only go 3 times a week anyhow), but I like to have the option at least and I want to lift weights Sunday and Tuesday before work.

HI Express, sorry I cheated on you, at least with you i’d have a decent gym and a free breakfast.  Yes, they actually have several great breakfast options.


My other box of food from Zoe’s was also freaking awesome.  Today I had the Chicken plate that had greek grilled chicken, mixed roasted veggies, and rosemary white beans.  I added a wheat alternative pita that I made crispy.  HEAVEN!   And talk about filling.  It held me until I ate dinner (I almost always have a snack in the afternoons).

For dinner tonight, I made a total detour in rush hour Fort Worth traffic to go to Spiral Diner.  I got the El Paso Burger.  It was pretty much awesome.  The place was funky and cool, and the waiter that took my order looked like a 20 year old PeeWee Herman in skinny jeans and a bowtie.  The whole way back to my hotel, I wanted to jump over the seat and eat that freaking burger, because it smelled soooo good (and it totally was!)    I know myself, if I don’t put the food where I can’t reach it, I will pick on it while driving.  I put it in my ice chest in the very back of the car, haha!

Well, I’m off to get some snacks and search for some FroYo 🙂  I may need something sweet later on!


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