Mid-week boredom

Nothing exciting so far this week.   Really, it’s been pretty dull and boring 😦


I’ll spare you the details, but I finally heard back from the Dr and I’ve been arguing with them for 2 days.  Although the tech said you couldn’t see anything in my ultrasound, the Dr said it looks fine.  This doesn’t sound right to me.  Although he did tell me to take 2 over the counter items for 2 weeks.  I don’t really consider this a solution, since I am not sure he understands the problem and I also don’t see what these medications really solve.  Ugh, after vacation I will be searching for another Dr.  I have some great Drs, however none of them are Primary Care Physicians 😦


We ended up skipping the baseball game on Tuesday, we were both so exhausted!  The temps cooled off a bit and I went for a short run.  I also went to bed on time.  I think the run helped me sleep, for once I didn’t wake up at all during the night.

Yesterday in the way too early morning, AK and I ran our mid-week long.  She was really sore from Crossfit, so she wanted to go slow.  I was not a happy camper, our pace was a minute per mile slower than i’d like.  The last mile I ran in what I wanted.  It was an ok run, despite my stomach killing me at the end.

Today I had an off-site work retreat.  I ran when I woke up, then drove to the location of my gym closest to the training center, so I could at least do a little arms and shower before work (no legs, didn’t want to risk my long tomorrow).  Worked out well, because I bypassed most of the traffic that everyone else hit. 

Tomorrow I am running my long.  Not really happy about this, but I don’t see any other way to do it.  I leave for a work trip tomorrow afternoon and I don’t come back til Wednesday afternoon.  I have classes from Sat-Tue from 8-5, so there is no time in there for a long.  So Friday before work it is, going to try to rock it, although I am not a fan of running that much of my run in the dark because my pace just isn’t as good.


 Honestly, the most exciting thing that happened so far this week was that I had a Groupon getting ready to expire to Zoe Kitchen, so I got takeout dinner there tonight and a little something for lunch tomorrow.  I LOVED it!  It was fresh, healthy, and just plain good.  It’s a small chain, they have only 1 location in Austin, in the Arboretum.  I’ll be back to eat there again, probably outside with their cute little patio with umbrellas and gorgeous oak trees.  I know they have Dallas and Houston locations too, as well as scattered locations throughout the US.


One thought on “Mid-week boredom

  1. Sounds like some good stuff, hon! I wish I had a running partner sometimes. I really do love running by myself, but long runs might be nice with someone to actually ‘try out’ “Conversation pace”, haha! Have an amazing weekend!

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