Tripped up Tuesday


Ended up making Monday my DOR.  It had been a week and I had also forgotten that my schedule this week is all out of whack because of travel.  And i’ll be running long on Friday, which is my usual DOR, since I leave on my work trip Friday afternoon and i’ll be working Sat-Wed in Fort Worth area.

Today is supposed to be 1 of my 2 weekly “2-a-day” days.  But we are attending our last baseball game of the season, so a PM workout will be hard to come by.   (was supposed to be Mon night, but we traded nights, because Dan went to the Randy Rogers CD release on 6th street).  Well I went to bed later than I should have and slept horrid.  So I didn’t get an AM workout in either.  I was considering at least something during lunch, but I am pretty sure I forgot my freaking shoes 😦  Worst case scenario, I knock out a quick run after work from home and then bypass weights this session  😦   That or I just do weights in the office gym at lunch and wear flip-flops which I know I have.    This is making me very uneasy and I’m mad at myself.


Well I forgot my cell at work yesterday (because I couldn’t find it).  Found it today in my drawer at work.  Apparently after my WW meeting, I put it on top of the book and then put the book into the drawer where it belongs.  It was weird being without it.

Called the Dr’s office yesterday, wondering why the Dr. hadn’t called me back about my ultrasound which was last week.  She said give it until Friday.  Ugh, alright.  I’m a little annoyed that he hasn’t reviewed it yet or asked me to come in again to do something else.  Patience is a virtue that I do NOT have.


Sunday afternoon I started dinner for the beginning of the week.  It was a crock-pot recipe i’d starred in my google reader to try.  Taco Soup from Janetha @ Meals and Moves.  It was delish!  I left it thick like a chili instead of a soup (I didn’t thin it with tomato juice).  I ate mine in a bowl (some baked Scoops crushed in it), made Dan’s into nachos.  We both really enjoyed it 🙂  Definately putting this into rotation because it’s fuss-free and filling!  We’ll have it again tonight as a leftover.  I think it would be awesome on a baked potato, over “oven fries”, or mixed into salad.



4 thoughts on “Tripped up Tuesday

  1. It’s a leftover I am definately looking forward to 🙂

    My meeting ran over into lunch, I’m NOT a happy camper. Looks like a workout will be hard to come by. Shouldn’t have had that DOR yesterday, darn it!

  2. Sometimes it’s so hard to go with the flow with workouts isn’t it. I hate it when things happen like that that you can’t really change either. Love finding new, delish recipes! Hope your Wednesday is a bit more smooth than Tuesday.

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