Tiresome Thursday


Woke up early and hit the Riverwalk for 3 miles.  I know I always say it, but there is NO better way to take in a city you are visiting than to run it.  In the last year, i’ve probably run SA and the riverwalk at least 5 seperate trips, it’s always a pleasure.  You see things like:

I returned to the hotel for some water, where my mom was waiting for me.  We then did her 35 minute Galloway workout.  I took her on almost the same route, she was amazed at the sights she saw 🙂  My mom has lived in the SA area her whole life, she said that was the most interesting tour of downtown she’s had, lol! 

I then showered and bounded off to the convention center for work.  What a sight!  Wasn’t really expecting the whole thing to be full of plants and full size trees, 18 wheelers everywhere.  It was mass chaos.  Was glad we got everything done by noon, so I could work from the hotel after lunch.


I had done a little research on some new places to go in SA.  I’d stumbled across a few on YELP that I wanted to try, plus  Tiffany mentioned a few as well.  I pulled up 3 menus on my computer when I went to work, told mom to pick.  Shocked the heck out of me when she picked GREEN.  I had wanted to try it, but thought it may be too odd for her, neither one of us is vegetarian, but I do enjoy vegetarian fare, especially when it’s fun!

Put the address into the GPS and we were off.  It’s in a neighborhood off the beaten path.  Not in the nicest area of SA, but certainly nothing bad.  Not much parking, so we ended up in the street, walked in.  The place is funky and fresh, loved it already.  We were greeted by a really nice waitress, who sat us down and welcomed us with these vegan biscuits (ok there were 2, we shared the other one that was on the plate before I got the camera out, lol!)

Ordered up 2 hibiscus iced teas (LOVE when places have it). Mom ordered the Green Burger, I ordered the Mike.  Both were bigger than our faces!  Here is proof:

My “Mike” sandwich, this is just half!

Mom and her Green Burger

We both LOVED our food and only ate half.  Well I ate that other half later in the day as a large snack, lol!

Went back to the hotel and worked from there.  The email server may have well have just been broken, because it was SO slow and frustrating.   That is also the reason I didn’t not read or write blogs at all when I was gone.  Called it a day at 5 pm and started getting ready for momma’s birthday dinner at Acenar.  Was disappointed because our party of 8 suddenly became a party for 4.  But honestly, it was so intimate and lovely with just 4 ladies, I think it may have been better.  My mom’s 2 gym friends came to help her celebrate.  I got the crab tacos because I LOVE them. 

Mom’s friends departed and then we went to Howl at the Moon for a bit.  I was beat, so we called it a night!


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