It all runs together


Friday and the weekend pretty much ran together.  The gym at the hotel SUCKED, which pissed me off, because that is the #1 reason I booked that hotel and not the Indigo, is because it was supposed to have a full gym, not just a stairmaster and a treadmill.  Hello, I have 17 stories up to my room and Riverwalk galore, why would I want to work out in a shitty mirrored room?

Friday morning I woke up, ran to the Pearl Brewery and back, which was an arm of the Riverwalk i’d never explored before and will be my route of choice next time.  Much more quiet and no twists and turns. Then ran the stairs to my room on the 17th floor.  Hit Starbucks for breakfast and then off to the convention center for the longest day ever!  I sound like such a sloth whining about standing all day, but I’m not used to it!

Mom and I met up for lunch at Schilo’s German Deli for lunch, had an awesome bowl of soup and a sandwich, then back to work.  Didn’t get off until 5 something, which meant sitting in gridlock traffic all of the way from SA to Austin.  Called in takeout to Texas Roadhouse that I knew was up the road, so I could spend the rest of my allowance and have something to eat when I got home (grilled pork, sweet potato, and large salad).  YUM!  I love that combo there.  Ate the salad in the car, because I didn’t have a snack and I was starving.  (the rest was in the back of the car, so I wouldn’t pick on it….yeah, I know me!).  Got home super late after I returned my truck and picked up my car from the office.  Jumped into a hot bath to soothe my aching legs.

Saturday, got up to run, it went well, good pace.  AK and I hit some stores on the way home since it was tax free weekend.  We bought nothing but gels, no clothes.  Dan later took me to Dick’s and I bought a new running outfits and some Win detergent (thanks June!).

Today I woke up ill.  Stayed at home while Dan went tubing and to see Micky and the Motorcars at the Floathouse 😦  Made it to the gym about 6 hours later than normal, eh, at least I went, it was a decent effort.  Got some laundry, cleaning, and Christmas shopping done.  Yeah, I did go to Kohl’s down the street to look for work pants and I came back with a mass amount of bathroom towels for my parents 2 newly remodled bathrooms.  I WILL eventually find pants.

Think I forgot to mention, on the way out of town on Wednesday, I went and had my ultrasound and well, they couldn’t see anything 😦  Apparently, while I wasn’t told to fast and they said it wasn’t necessary, I was too full and my stomach blocked what they needed to look at.  Waiting to hear to the doctor to see what he wants to do now.  Tech at the testing place said insurance usually makes you wait for 6 weeks before doing another.  UGH.


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