Wednesday Woes


Ran my mid-week, mid-range run with AK this morning.  Although, she tried to talk me out of it.  I updated her on everything going on and she didn’t think it was a good idea to run.   It went well, it was cooler again (maybe 5 degrees less than normal), but still humid.  Made myself carry water, as there is none on this route.  (It’s pretty much residential and small businesses on a road that runs from my house to the backway to the mall.  Total distance on the road is probably 8 miles one way and it’s all sidewalk).  We did 6 today, this bumps up again next week to 7.   The pace was where it needed to be, although in the last mile, I was spent.  I got to bed as soon as I could after packing for my work trip last night, but I couldn’t fall asleep because I was worried.   Sleep+food+smart planning usually equals a good run, I had most of that and a good run.  Wonder if it could have been a little better with the more sleep?


Well the reason I couldn’t fall asleep last night was because I was worried (shocking I know).  It’s not a hernia says my Dr., in fact I couldn’t re-create the issue.  I sat, I stood, I walked, I lied and nothing.  He said he couldn’t feel anything at all.  He ordered pelvic ultrasound because he was concerned about where I was showing him it happened.  Dan suggested I schedule it for Monday when I am back in town.  It’s going to drive me nuts, so I scheduled it for this afternoon, on my way out of town for work.  Not ideal, but I need it done.    I have no pain, no discomfort, just something is weird.  I asked the Dr. if he was giving me any activity restrictions?  He said no, so I went straight to the gym and managed a pretty dang good weights session.

I am praying this is nothing.  Like last year when my foot kept falling asleep randomly when I was standing.  Expensive nerve testing proved nothing but the fact I have awesome nerves.   Or the time when I had the weird bumps under my arms, which was just freak swollen glands during PMS.  But then last night I go and get on WebMD like a moron and get freaked out.  Little itty bitty things that were only annoyances, when put together, are some symptoms of some scary things!

I just keep having these thoughts about, “what if I can’t run anymore”, “what if it’s something major”?  I can’t imagine my life being anything than what it’s become.  I look at the calendar and everything i’m excited about and I hope that this really IS nothing, because I’m too busy to be sick.   I have a full calendar from now until Christmas of all kinds of exciting events.  Races, social events, work trips, vacation, etc. 

Trying to shift my thoughts to seeing my BFF on my work trip, my momma’s big belated bday bash on the Riverwalk I am hosting tomorrow night, some scenic running downtown SA,  and a good weekend with some music and friends. 


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes

  1. You’re like most athletes. You find something, and immediately you go “UH!”. Your mind races to the worst case scenario. Just breathe, get your mind off it!

    Some restaurants here in SA:
    Green (which is downtown)

    Twin Sisters (also downtown)

    Crumpet’s (more toward Alamo Heights)

    You know how things go in this city. Some Tex-Mex and Mexican food restaurants attempt to categorize themselves as “healthy” when we all know they aren’t. Hard to find places healthy and fresh. 😦

    • thanks dear, I appreciate it! I was looking at Green and Twin Sisters yesterday on yelp. May have to try 1 or both for lunches this week!

      Yeah, I love Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights and they have SOME healthy on their menu, but I am banning myself from there this trip, since my momma’s dinner is at Acenar. I don’t need Mexican twice, although I love it.

  2. you crazy girl! i am certain its nothing…but i understand the concern you know that!

    i am totally the opposite…i wait and wait and wait thinking whatever it is will go away. usually does until the darn lower back strain…but thats all betta now! :O)

    keep us posted though!!!!!

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