Sensational Saturday


This Friday I made sure to correct last week’s mistakes.   Food, rested and rolled legs, and sleep were all in check.  And yes, the payoff was noticable.  Great run (minus those first 2 miles when it was pitch black).  The pace was about 10 seconds slower than I would have really liked but overall pretty solid.

Still drives me nuts that Garmin is inaccurate when it comes to the Forerunner calories burned (don’t understand why they can’t ditch distance from their equation?)  Today for instance, Garmin says I burned 1180 calories.  In reality it was about 780.  That’s quite the difference to say the least, and it’s not because I am a low burn freak (which I am).  At least it’s pretty accurate with other areas. 

I got a few chuckles earlier in the week, when I said that I use the downtown location of Gold’s only for showering and stretching (started doing this 2 summers ago, and it stuck).    I time my runs to end around the time Gold’s opens.  Run, Starbucks, stretch, shower, and continue my morning!  That’s my routine almost every Saturday, except this summer I added foam rolling to my stretching because I am more likely to do it there and less likely to do it at home (even though my roller is in the middle of my living room).  This is what 2 week old shoes look like after a morning at Lady Bird/Town Lake, lol.  And that’s not a sock tan, that’s trail.

  I didn’t Starbucks this morning until after I met my sister because she was actually early and I needed to give her my parking spot in front of the gym, since we were taking my car to run all over town.  That and she didn’t get my mad parallel parking skills.  She called me freaking out about parking, so I decided it was just best for her to have my end spot, so I wouldn’t have to get run over on 6th street trying to get in her car and park it for her.   


Apparently since Austin is so laid back, nothing opens til 10 or 11!  Tried to go to the new Texas Running Company, but apparently they don’t know runners are up early and they don’t open at 10 (yeah, only one of 4 run stores in town opens early).  So we had some time to kill, so we went for a ride.  Ended up at the Triangle.  Popped into Snap Kitchen to get something to drink, give my sister a tour, and see my friend Suzy.  My sister had the opportunity to work there when they came to Austin and she didn’t want to drive.  I think she made a big mistake, I think it’s really cool place. 

Anyhow, hit the “drag”, which if you’ve never been to Austin, is Guadalupe street where it crosses through University of Texas.  Explored some stores and sites, but I think I spent more time looking for parking.  But I also know that my sister loves that area, so I took her down there.

Then it was time for lunch!  Zocalo Cafe.  It’s in an area i’ve actually never been to, tucked away in an older neighbhorhood, definately a hidden gem.  It was fun to try something new (and I had a Groupon for the place).


The food was good and fresh.  We both had Tacos del Mar (Mahi Mahi), bypassed the rice and beans for soup.  She had tortilla, I had black bean.   It was light, yet filling.  I’d go back.  Not sure if Dan would like it, because when it comes to Mexican, he tends to like places that have big menus and combo plates.  The portions here were moderate and just perfect for us!


I love South Congress area of  Austin.  SO much fun, even if it was 104 degrees.  Sorry, we didn’t eat at any of the food trailers, although Hey Cupcake! is always tempting.  I meant to go back to Amys for some Mexican Vanilla ice cream, but I forgot.  I don’t even really like vanilla ice cream, but this flavor is amazing!  I really only eat it when I go do there, although they have locations all over the Austin area.

Places I love:  Parts and Labour, Tesoro Trading Company, Goodie Two Shoes, Jos Coffee, probably several more that I can’t remember the names of.  Oh and Storyville, which gave me a ton of laughs with their tshirts and I pretty much wanted everything in there.

I didn’t buy a whole lot, but I did drop more cash on some stone coasters.  I do NOT need coasters (we have a ton).  However these are AWESOME coasters.  I’ve always wanted to get a few, but I didn’t like the prices or see ones that grabbed me at other stores around town.  And then I saw it!  They had an Antone’s coaster (where Dan and I met).  So I decide to get that one, but the 4 for $30 seemed a lot easier to swallow than $9 for one.  So I bought 4 of places that are special to Dan and I, thinking I could hang them somewhere in our house and maybe even add to the collection later on.  I laugh, because all of the ones I bought are live music venues (Antone’s, Shady Grove, Gruene Hall, and Saxon Pub), which are some of our favorite places.  Next time I am in the area, I may get 4 more.  I will now have to figure out how on earth to display or hang them up and where.  When I figure it out, i’ll have to post.

So I bought coasters, a three legged pig (good luck charm from Chile for my friend), 2 headbands, and a silly kids mug at Starbucks.  At least I didn’t blow a ton of money.   Unfortunately I am to go to Ann Taylor tomorrow and get pants for work and I don’t want to, but should because they are having a sale.  I like fun shopping like today, I don’t like having to shop for something.  We’ll see how tomorrow pans out.  Bet you I don’t go to the store for the pants 😉

Anyone else have any shopping finds this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Sensational Saturday

  1. Well hey there, lady! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Are you from Austin? That’s where I grew up, awww…

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your runs, fun, and food! 😀

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