And then you get what you need


Don’t ask me why I always have so many issues this summer on Wednesday mornings.  I didn’t hit snooze this morning though, which was a good start 😉   I got dressed and shot out the door to do my mid-week mid-range run this morning.   My pace is off on these Wednesday runs and I sometimes end up feeling crummy at the end, like today.   I ran the same time yesterday morning and didn’t have the same problems.  Next Tuesday night I am cutting out my evening snack or changing what it is, I think that may be a culprit.  Anyhow, looking back only the first mile sucked, which since I was still half asleep, I’m not too worried about.  The other miles were just slightly slower than i’d like, but the 100% humidity was killa.  I don’t understand why that same run, done after work or in the evening is much better quality even though the heat is horrid.   Maybe have to change the schedule for Wednesdays, although I do like having them done before work.


Today was enough to snap me out of the Monday-Tuesday funk.  I found a shirt i’d been ignoring with my closet, tags still attached.  Not sure why I hadn’t worn it, maybe I was looking for courage?  Bright fuschia sleeveless shirt with lace ruffles on the front.  Sounds horrendous but I swear it’s cute.  Threw it on with black pants and some new kitten heels.  Thought I looked pretty cute in the mirror, so I bounded off to work with a smile on my face.  At that point, I was beaming and rays of sunshine, I think seeing myself in that outfit reassured me that I look ok…..People LOVED the shirt and got tons of compliments on how cute I looked in the outfit.  WIN.  Totally lifted my spirits.  I don’t go fishing for compliments, but I they were exactly what I needed today after the moodiness I had after the Monday incident.  

Had lunch with boss today, which was nice.  She’d been out on vacation, so I hadn’t seen her at all and we had some work stuff to get caught up on, plus some girly talk too.  LOVE her.  I’ve been lucky to have some good immediate supervisors with my job.  She’s a powerhouse and I admire her, don’t know how she juggles everything?  4 boys, husband, a large team at work with a few “problem people”, etc.  I need to do something nice for her, maybe i’ll buy her a spa certificate or something.  How the woman stays sane, i’ll never know.

Packing Dan up to leave for Michigan in the morning.  I’ll be a bachelorette til Sunday night.   Shady Grove tomorrow night with sister for The Trishas in concert.   Saturday looks like my BFF, sister, and I will be hitting up South Austin and downtown on Saturday afternoon for some fun girly time.  Somewhere in that time that Dan is gone, I need to force myself to go to Ann Taylor and buy some new work pants since they are on sale.  I really am in need of new pants! 

Off to bed for me.  Long day ahead tomorrow.  WO (trying to combine everything into 1), work, lunch for our intern, work, Shady Grove.


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