“Bad” foods that you should be eating

Bad foods you should be eating

Which of these “bad” foods do you eat?

I eat all of them, but none of them everyday.  I probably eat most of them at least several times a week though.  I don’t eat chocolate and white potatoes as much as I used to.  I usually gravitate more toward sweet potatoes or red potatoes (can you say Crash Hot Potatoes?)

I really struggle with getting in HEALTHY fats on some days.  I’m working on putting more PB, nuts, and avocado in there.  I do the 2 tsp minimum of healthy oil WW recs daily, but I know from experience that isn’t enough for mine or most people’s bodies.


2 thoughts on ““Bad” foods that you should be eating

  1. i eat peanut butter just about every day in some form..whether its on a banana, a piece of bread or in my smoothie.

    eggs, same thing. every single day. i do 1 whole/2 egg whites…sometimes 3 egg whites (like on saturday after my run but thats necessary!)

    i got away from the chocolate which i was having a small piece every night of the super dark/rich kind.

    no more potatoes for me other than sweet, with the occasional diversion of whataburger or out to dinner french fries 🙂

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