Lessons learned?

Sometimes I learn lessons, sometimes I don’t. What really drives me nuts is when I do stupid stuff and I darn well know what the potential consequences are.  This was the story of my life….ALL WEEK!  While this was overall a good week, I am VERY disappointed in some of the stupid things i’ve done.


I know what you are supposed to do the day/night before a long.  I had every intention of doing these things last night.  The lack of sleep caught up with me yesterday, but I refused to take a nap, although I really needed one, because I wanted to sleep solidly last night, so I went to bed regular Friday night time.  Really should have done earlier, because I woke up tired this morning, which is never good.  I could barely stay awake on my drive downtown at 5:15.

I also did the most half-assed job rolling my legs last night.  Woke up with a twinge of something behind my leg.  Good thing I got downtown early, so I could walk and try to stretch it out before AK got down there. 

And most importantly, I made poor food choices.  My Dr appt yesterday went VERY long, so I didn’t eat my snack until almost dinner time, so I wasn’t hungry for dinner.  I ate dinner anyhow.  My body did not like this.

The run went ok, but not what it should have been.   All of the things I neglected the night before, especially the sleep, really factored into that.    AK dropped off just past halfway.  She said she felt weird, but she was acting odd.  Not sure what was going on.  I really need to work on running faster in the dark, because you can totally tell on my splits when it was dark and when the sun started coming up, by the pace.


After I showered and changed at the gym downtown, I drove back North to meet my sister.  Stopped first at the bookstore to get Dan a copy of Friday Night Lights.  I read the book several times in high school and loved it.  We love the show, so I decided to get him the book.  He was happy, but I bet he doesn’t read it.  Got myself a book too, I really need to get back into reading.  I still have 10 magazines to read, I keep meaning to, and never doing it.

Was meeting sister because #1 I never see her, and #2 it was spa day at our local hospital.  I’ve been to many of these events at the Women’s Center there and they are always fun and not too crowded.  Well, we got there early and the lines were INSANE.  We had both planned on getting pedis (just paint for me, no pedis in training), eyebrows done, spray tans, etc.  We left after 30 minutes, neither one of us could tolerate the crowds.  Good thing the fire marshal wasn’t there, it was that crowded!  We went to the farmer’s market, which was ok, but they are SO expensive around here, because it’s the trendy place to shop.  If you go further north, the prices come down quite a bit.

We made plans to play around next weekend in downtown Austin (probably the drag, south congress, etc).  Only get to do that about once a year, so I’m looking forward to that.  Definately going to spend 1 of my Groupons.  I really need to use some of them up and stop buying ones for downtown places, Dan and I rarely go downtown together unless it’s for a concert.

The rest of the day was me reorganizing the pantry and catching up on sleep.  Our yard looks like a jungle, so I guess i’ll be pulled in to assist with that.  I used to mow the grass on my DOR, but now Dan insists on doing it.  Well, he refuses to let me do it, but then he never wants to do it.  That’s the only activity he gets, so I let him take over that job.  Guess I ought to go put my shoes on and get ready to attack the backyard!

Enjoy your Saturday!  Going to be low key here 🙂


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