20 Veggies: How to pick and cook them

How to pick and cook 20 veggies

Very informative article that I wanted to share.  I’ll admit that I eat ALOT more veggies than I ever used to.  This past year, i’ve even increased the number and become more aware of the amounts.

What’s your favorite veggie?  How do you like it cooked?

I love mushrooms, cooked any way. 

But my latest kick is zucchini.  I love it sweet or savory.  Sauteed, baked, grilled, roasted, steamed, etc.  So versatile (and great for bulking dishes up)!  And it helps that Sprouts has them on sale almost every week!


One thought on “20 Veggies: How to pick and cook them

  1. i am off the squashes for the most part…i am just over them. maybe just had too much or something.

    now i just eat spinach basically with every meal. mushrooms. same thing. love them!

    i go in spurts and will have a veggie that i am onto with every chance i get then i dont want it anymore for a while . if no other choice though if i am out then i will eat zucchini and yellow squash though 🙂

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