Weekend recap

Ok, so it’s a few days late.  Oops! 

The weekend was pretty good for the most part.  Saturday afternoon we had to detour to pick up Dan’s new camera, then turn around and head south.  Stopped for a pretty late lunch at Waterloo Icehouse and they totally redeemed themselves.  Dan had the guacamole bacon swiss burger with tots.  I had the chicken breast version with beans.  YUM!  Gave Dan my bacon because I am weird about bacon.  I’m weird about lots of things, haha!

We headed south, got checked into the hotel (I don’t want to stay there again), and then met everyone for dinner at some bar in downtown New Braunfels.  Since we had just eaten lunch 3 hours before that, I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t eat.  I had decided I was just going to eat at Phoenix Saloon, which is where we were going for the evening.  Unfortunately for me, their kitchen closes at 8 and we walked in at 8 ON THE DOT.  So no food for me.  I didn’t want anything else any other bar offered around there (it’s all bars or higher end restaurants, which is weird for takeout).  So I drove to HEB and got sushi and ate that at the bar.  Yes, I ate supermarket sushi in a bar.  Classy huh?

I won’t embarass him, but I will say that I always say that GF weekend is Dan’s “free for all” weekend, so things usually get a bit wild.  Lets just say it was an adventure after we left the bar.  AND before we left, I almost got in a fight.  No, i’m not violent, I just don’t tolerate certain things.

Woke up at 6:30 on Sunday (tried to sleep in).  I was just lying there when the dude upstairs fell down the stairs with an ice chest.  That was interesting for sure.   I drove to Schertz to maybe catch my BFF for breakfast.  Her house was dark and she hadn’t been feeling well, so I didn’t wake her.  I left some stuff on her patio for her and then moved onto the gym (there is a Gold’s 5 mins from there).  I lifted weights, then I grabbed Dan an artery clogging breakfast (the only kind he will eat) and went back to New Braunfels.   We got ready and headed to the river.  Oh and I forgot the pads that go in my bathing suit top at home.  So.not.cute.

We had a huge group that floated, maybe 20-something people?  Took quite a while for everything to get on the river.  It was a decent trip, but SUPER hot, hottest day of the year to date.  I applied sunsreen twice before we even got on the river.   And yes, somehow I still managed some freak burns on my thigh and stomach.  See, told you God was telling me not to wear a 2 piece bathing suit, that’s the same exact stomach burn I had last time. 

After the float, Dan hung out by the river with our friends.  I WAS GONE.  No more river for me.  And no, I didn’t have a drop to drink.  Even though I ate on the river, had 4 bottles of water, and a bottle of Sweet Leaf Tea (try it, it’s awesome!), I felt so drained.  I think the sun and lack of sleep got me.  I went up to the Floathouse and chilled for the next hour until everyone else made it up there.   I guess it was the heat, because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time and I didn’t eat when everyone else did.  Believe me, I am almost NEVER not hungry unless something is wrong.  And you know I wanted that Guadalupe Chicken, because I friggin blogged beforehand about it!  Nope.  Nothing. 

We ended up leaving early (8ish) and heading home because I was fading fast.  We made it  home around 10.  Stopped to make myself eat something on the way , which was a total bust!  I despise Burger King and now I know why (other than the fact I hate their food).  They screwed up my order twice and then gave me a bag of fried crap to make up for it. I told Dan is he didn’t want the fried crap, to throw it away (he’d already eaten a patty melt and cheesy tots at the Floathouse, glad he said no!).  If I am going to eat fried crap, it ain’t going to come from BK.  It went in the trash before we left.

Overall good weekend, got to see some faces I don’t see very often and the weather was nice, although pretty darn hot.  I *think* I am just about recovered.  If nothing else, yesterday I got all of my usual Sunday chores completed.


3 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. i wish i would have been able to come. we could have hung out together seeing as how we both dont really drink…not sure i could make the river anymore tho with a bunch of drunks. no offense at all but my tolerance threshold is almost negative on the scale as it is…

    and i would have prob lost it if some guy rolling down the stairs with an ice chest so early would have woken me up. like i said…near negative on the tolerance scale…


  2. We stayed at the “official hotel”, which no one really stayed at. THAT ticked me off. That is the only reason we stayed at that grungy hotel.

    I think we would have had fun together!

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