Tuesday musings

FUN (or not so fun)

Let me start off by saying I am SUPER bummed that we aren’t going to Austin City Limits recording for Robert Earl Keen and Hayes Carll tomorrow.  It’s really hard to get tickets and we didn’t get picked to try for “space available”.  Boo 😦  I love Hayes and Dan loves both of them.  But then again, even if we did get picked, it would mean hours of waiting in the sun, for the chance of just getting a ticket.  Guess we’ll wait until the show airs in the fall on tv.

Charlie Robison is playing Shady Grove on Thursday night though, so we may do that.  I’ll have to meet Dan there because I am insane and decided to run Moonlight Margarita 5K.  Eh, I have to run 3 miles that day anyhow, may as well get a shirt and a donation to my favorite trail (plus the trail and Shady Grove are very close together)!  Have a couple of ARC buddies doing it too, although I think they may be upset that I am not doing the gala as well.  Melissa does NOT do margaritas or anything else with tequila.  I’ve always wanted to do this  race, now I will 🙂


I was a busy bee in the kitchen yesterday.  Made dinner for the night and then something for lunches this week.  That lack of appetite and weird eating schedule from the weekend has totally caught up with me.  I’ve been ravenous yesterday and today 😦

Dinner: Cajun Jambalaya with okra, andouille, and-shrimp from Healthy Delicious.  YUM!  And I found some awesome cajun chicken andouille at HEB.  (SO glad I went to HEB plus for groceries yesterday).  I am SO putting the extra sausage in some eggs 1 day for breakfast! I found it to be about 5-6 WW points the way I made it.  I ate it again tonight and it’s even better as a leftover! 

Lunches:   Shrimp, bean, and barley salad From Rhodeygirltests.  It is awesome.  I used basil instead of mint. I figured it to be around 6 WW points for the way I made it.


Lifted weights at the gym this morning, pretty good workout 🙂  Long day at work.  Needed 3 miles for the day after work.  I already knew before the day even started that it would be dangerously hot when I got off of work.  So I did the “run trainer” at the gym.  I think it was the right thing to do.

This is my first time using a schedule that has mid-range mid-week runs.  Tomorrow will be interesting, trying to squeeze a longer run into a Wednesday morning before work.  Makes me want to change my schedule for marathon season, lol (I have a 30-45 minute commute and I start work at 7:30).    We’ll see how it goes.

  Yeah, I am behind on tv (I only watch my shows usually on weekend mornings after the gym).  Dan’s at some biker night social thing.   Off to watch Project Runway from last week  and try to not feed my face anymore.  I’ve already had dinner, banana “soft serve”, and cottage cheese.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday musings

  1. i didnt care for the first episode of PR. i hope its better this week.

    mid range mid week runs…ive done them for a while and i loathe them when it gets to the 8-9 mile range WITH speed? dumb. 🙂 especially in the summer.

    I AM NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER training for a fall marthon. nyc and now chicago? im over it!

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