Where did the week go?


I obviously did not read or write blogs, I can tell you that much.  In fact, I was barely at home!  

 I FINALLY got caught up on my reader this morning (I was pretty far behind).  All week I had just been deleting my “sometimes reads” and leaving the rest that I read faithfully, because I simply had way too many and I didn’t read them in order.    Did this as I was playing phone tag back and forth with the car dealership, trying to figure out if my car would be done with it’s first service (how the heck does my car already have 7500 miles on it?).   I’ll just say that is the only thing I miss about having the Benz, is that their service was AWESOME and they bent over backwards to make you happy.  I do love my new car though, even though I hate the dealership (not the one I bought it from, but this one is WAY closer).

Let’s see, what the heck did I do this week?  We fixed the dryer, I lifted weights, I ran, I cleaned, I laundered, I shopped, I cooked.  Again, not sure where the week went!?

Found out yesterday that a trainer at the location of the gym by my work has been stalking me and having his 2 clients on Thursday mornings do my Tue/Thur routine.  Kind of weird to me.  Suppose I should be flattered?  I just threw a mish-mash of things together from blogs, mags, youtube, books, etc. 

Dan and I went straight to Shady Grove last night for a little date.  Dinner and a show (James McMurtry).  He’s interesting, kind of an odd duck, but I like some of his stuff (saw him there last year too).  Dinner was a little disappointing.  Hippie chick with salad.  They forgot the chick on my sandwich, didn’t taste all that great when I did get it 😦  I love going there for their free music series, relaxing 🙂 

Parents are coming into town today.  Mom turns 60 this weekend, more on that later!


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