Productive Sunday

Whew!  I was a busy little bee today (especially before noon).  Even had time to watch a movie (My One and Only).  And spend some cuddle time with Missy and Chanel 🙂


Slept in and still got to the gym when it opened.  Sunday is my most enjoyable workout, other than Saturday morning longs at the lake.  I really enjoy being in town on Sundays, having the time I want to do my workout, groceries, etc. at my leisure.    Today I did strength and had a great workout.  Then hit HEB for very light groceries (somehow still spent more than I thought I would), then washed my car, mowed the lawn, and chased a dog.  All before noon.  Yes, I chased a  border collie which was running down the middle of the road.  I thought he belonged to an elderly lady on the side of the road.  No.  She just didn’t want him to get run over.  I cornered him in a parking lot, he barked and growled at me.  I decided then I was done, then he took off running in the middle of the road again toward Cedar Park.  I didn’t know what to do, so I went home.  I feel badly, but I didn’t feel safe chasing after him anymore and certainly didn’t want to get bitten.   Ate lunch, cleaned house, more fun chores.

Sorted the mountains of laundry.  I REALLY hope that dryer gets fixed this week.  Looks like I have a date with a washeteria tomorrow after work 😦  Plan was to do it this evening, but I needed Dan’s clothes but his flight got messed up.  So I am STILL waiting for him to get home. At least my workout clothes are clean!  I don’t dry those, so I washed and hung all of those, so at least some laundering progress was achieved. Not sure how i’ll fit that trip to wash and working out in, since the gym and the washeteria aren’t close, suppose I could hit the another location of my gym closer to the wash place, but it’s pretty ghetto.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cross, may have to opt for a run in the neighborhood over there while the clothes is going.  We’ll see. 

When Dan was getting home at 5, we were to have a FroYo date after dinner.  Guess that’ll have to wait until another night 😦  I was really looking foward to that.  I still had some (made my own version at home), not the same.  Froze some strawberries, greek yogurt, and walnuts until barely frozen, then topped with some puffed kamut cereal.  Certainly not Berry Cool, but ok I suppose.


Made Taco Pasta Toss for dinner.  I did a recipe review earlier today.  Very tasty.  Leftovers will be dinner tomorrow too.  Thank goodness, since I won’t have time to cook because of dealing with the stupid laundry issue.  Hopefully Dan will like it, I think he will.

Made Asian Tabouli Salad (also new to me) for lunch for Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s another recipe I had marked in my reader, this one from Roni at Green Light Bites.  Lunch today and tomorrow was a Chipotle bol knockoff.  Not sure about Thursday and Friday, will worry about that later in the week.


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