Happiness is a free weekend

Dan’s out of town in NOLA til tomorrow night.  Decided earlier in the week to go play with sister.  Then BFF wanted to do something.  Combine the 2 and we spend the day south.


Picked sister up for our day in Gruene at 6:30.  We were to run at the lake, shower at gym (opens at 8), then hit the road.  I REALLY wanted to start earlier, but because Stacey was only running 4, I couldn’t let her be done too soon, or she’d be waiting around for the gym to open.  So we started at 7, even though it was already hot.  She ran the 4 mile loop (first mile with me), and I did the 7 loop, then out and back a half mile to make 8, then walked 6 blks back to gym for cooldown.  The pace felt ok, not sure really what the heck it was, because I forgot my Garmin!  I often run without it, but for longer runs, it makes me feel lost and I like to know what my splits and overall pace are.   Gatorade reps were on the trail today, sampling the new “all natural” Gatorade and G2.  It was ok, they only sell it at Whole Foods.  I rarely venture to WF since Sprouts is just as close and cheaper.


Off to Gruene for market days and a little shopping.  The market days was a total let-down, one of the worst i’ve seen, same old vendors, minus Shayne Sauce, which I really wanted to get some stuff from, but they weren’t there 😦  Picked up some infused EVOO and a wall cross.   Hit up Lonestar Music, saw a bunch of stuff I wanted to get Dan, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay their super inflated prices for what I wanted.  Maybe Book People or Barnes and Noble has what I wanted from LSM. 

Lunch at the tea room was great (I think I drank at least 10 goblets of peach tea).  I’d been before, they’d never been.  They both had jalapeno burgers (which are awesome) and I had a veggie sandwich.  Not because it was healthy, because it really wasn’t, but because I really wanted avocado, which I indeed got!  That sandwich had at least a whole small avocado on it!  I really wanted chicken on it too, but to add chicken it was $6! 

We said farewell to BFF and then hit the road, detouring to the outlets.  Stayed there way too long, but didn’t hit some of the places I really wanted to go because of crowds and traffic.  Plus it was close to 100 degrees.  Got a few cute things for the house and a few shirts.  Nothing exciting. 

Up until this point, it was a pretty awesome day.  On the way home my sister started being a bit negative about things like her body image, money, her not being married, etc.  I REALLY could have done without those conversations.  It hurts my heart to know how much she’s changed.  And I really hate how she thinks everything in life is a competition between us.  Who cares about that kind of stuff? 

Anyhow, came home, made a quick dinner, caught up on my blog reading, (ate an awesome pina colada yogurt concoction I made) and cleaned a couple of rooms.  Hopefully tomorrow will be productive. Gym, groceries, yard, laundry, in that order probably.  Yard isn’t actually on my list, but I was thinking about taking care of it before Dan gets home, so we have 1 less thing to worry about this week.  I really need to go to World Market for more Torani, but I really don’t feel like driving to any of them, they closed the one closest to my house.

Going to watch “Blow” which i’ve actually never seen and then call it a night.  I DVR’d several movies tonight (which I never do), will watch 1 or 2 tomorrow if I get the chance.

Happy Saturday!


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