Worn out on Wednesday


I am BEAT!   Been slammed at work all week so far.  Started my day at 4:4o and 12 hours later I was about to crash out…on the way home.  Luckily I was able to stay awake.  It wasn’t a normal day at work to say the least, so after being on my feet all day running around and moving stuff, I was done.  More of that tomorrow.  At least this time i’ll be prepared and wear jeans!  Busting my rear in dress clothes today was not pleasant.  Plus I spilled lunch all over my shirt when trying to talk to Dan on the phone at lunch, eat, and work at the same time.   I looked like a walking disaster when I left work today.

Going to spend the evening vegging out.  Dan is out of town until Sunday night.  Going to start out watching my “crap” tv.  I don’t DVR much, but all of my shows are things he doesn’t care for.  I usually watch them on the weekends when he sleeps in, but this week, watching them in the evenings 🙂  I need to go plant some flowers too, but unmotivated to do that.


Made  Spicy grilled peach and chicken kabobs from the WF website for dinner along with some extra grilled peaches (1 thing i’d never grilled before).  Boy were they good!    If you eat 1 serving it’s like 3 WW pts a pop.  I had 1.5 servings over some Alton Brown baked brown rice.  Having the leftovers in a salad tomorrow for lunch.  I will definately make them again, but with more spice next time.  Great use of some of the mass of peaches I brought home from mom and dad’s house on Sunday.


The reason for my early rise was to run hills before work.  That went ok, there was a breeze, but the pre-dawn humdity is always pretty killer.  Who am I kidding? I wake up at that time at least 3-4 times a week.  I still struggle with pace in the dark, but that was decent, especially with moderate hills.  I don’t ever run the hard hill route alone in the dark, way too dangerous with the dropoffs.  Since my buddy is still down with a torn hammy, that route is off limits.  I don’t like it much anyhow 😉


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