Weekend recollections

Sadly, I don’t remember much about the weekend and it was only 2 days ago!  Work has been so busy, that a fun weekend is only a distant memory.


We didn’t get to Concan until 7 pm.  It was a long day after both of us worked at least half a day and then hit the road in the rain.  We decided to wait to eat until we got there, so we dug into the bbq that came off the grill.  I called it an early night at 10 something, went back to our rental house and worked on food for the next day (taco dip), cutting veggies, etc.  Then I chilled, read, and went to bed around midnight.  Everyone else stayed at the other house and partied til 3.  I was far too tired for any of that.

I woke up at regular time the next morning and it was raining.  I ended up waiting it out, going for a short run, enjoying the countryside and a ton of wildlife running around, including a ton of deer in velvet 🙂  I miss seeing things like that.  It was hot and humid, but pleasant at the same time.  I went back to the house and showered and pretty much sat around reading until someone woke up (like 3 hours of that).  We headed to the other house for late breakfast (lunch for me, i’d had breakfast and a snack already).   Eventually we made it onto the river.  Half floated, half sat.  We sat.  It was fun getting to know everyone all afternoon.

Evening was showers, then grilling for dinner.  We ate super late, which always throws me off.  I snacked on my taco dip while I waited (made lighter of course).  I made it until midnight when I called it quits.  But not before playing a completely rediculous game a bunch of drunk engineers came up with.  Pretty much dizzy bat race, but with a broom and looking up instead of down.  Most everyone fell really hard or didn’t make the required 20 revolutions.  Maybe the problem was that I didn’t drink?  I made the 20 revolutions (Dan only made 8, haha!), but when I stopped I hit the ground pretty hard…I felt like I was falling for the next hour.  Not a good feeling!   Anyhow, they were still spinning around with brooms when I went back.

Next morning it was cleaning, packing, and hitting the road.  Stopped in the ‘Ville to eat lunch with mom and dad at Sammy’s which was nice and then back to Austin.  Back to my non-working dryer.  CRAP!  I spent part of the evening at a laundromat with a broken AC doing the least amount of laundry possible.  Just in case you are wondering, washeterias are hard to come by!  There are only like 5 in all of Williamson county, closest one was 10 miles away.  Done for now, but when Dan gets back home from his trip on Sunday, i’ll get to do it all over again!  Hopefully he can fix the dryer on Monday!

Works looks to be super busy this week.  Also this week, week 1 of RNR SA training schedule.  I finished it, but haven’t printed it.  Need to do that and get copies at home and work to keep myself on track.  The more I think about it, the more I REALLY wish SA wasn’t so freaking crowded, because its a nice race. 

Well I am 30 mins past bedtime and I have a 4:40 wakeup call tomorrow.  FUN!



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