Almost at another weekend!


Going to be a busy day today, to prep for the weekend ahead.  We are heading to the Frio Friday-Sunday (i’ve never been).    Based on the emails that are going back and forth between the large group of people that are going, you’d think we were going for a freaking week.  You should see the masses of food and alcohol people are taking!  It’s 1 whole day and 2 half days!  

With that being said, trips to the store have to be made today to get the goods.  Doing Sprouts (produce for grilling) during lunch and then HEB after work.   I took the day off of work tomorrow because I thought we were leaving this evening.  Dan decided not to take off at all, so now we leave tomorrow.  I am still going to be off but run at the lake on my way out of town and then go see my parents, who live on the way to the Frio.   Going to try to get to parent’s house early enough to go with my mom to the gym and help her with a new routine she’s wanting to try. 


Food wise I think we’re doing Mom\’s Taco Dip, tons of grilled veggies, Alton Brown’s baked rice to go with all of the BBQ and stuff on Saturday night.  Breakfasts I think are going to be simple  and lunch is sandwiches.  Thinking about using some of my parent’s fresh peaches for a cobbler (gotta find that recipe, it’s on the old blog somewhere) or the Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.  Both of those desserts are reasonable for a dessert and easy to make (been making both for years).  I’ll probably pick up stuff from Haby\’s Bakery for breakfast for Dan and the others and maybe some bread, they have awesome bread.  Ok, and maybe a cowboy cookie for me, because they are AWESOME! 


I thought about working half a day tomorrow, but the idea of running at the lake before leaving town makes me happy, so that’s the plan!  So heavy rain, stay away!  That way it’ll be out of the way and I get to do it at the lake instead of some random neighborhood in Concan.  Like I was telling someone over the weekend, it’s totally relaxing to me to go to the lake on the weekend and just GO!  It’s my happy place.  I’m weird like that I guess.


Lots of packing to do this evening, even though it’s a short trip.  Since Dan is probably riding his bike, i’ll have to make sure everything is packed and in the car tonight.  Going to be a LONG evening!  Plus need to find another bathing suit to wear or a shirt to wear over it, because my weird sunburn hasn’t healed 😦   It’s small, but it’s also on the whitest part of my body!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’m excited about mine.  Excited about new people, a new place to visit, and hopefully some memories made 🙂




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