Ready for the week ahead!

Thank goodness I got to have a weekend at home.  Even a little time at home is nice.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I even had half a weekend at home.  It’s NICE.

Woke up at regular time and went down to the lake to run.   Usually I plan to finish around the time the downtown location of the gym opens, so I can grab my Starbucks and then go to the gym and stretch and shower.  NOTHING feels better than the shower after a run, it’s like the cleanest clean.  Anyhow, gym opens at 8, so I started at 6:45.  Not early enough.  When I got done I wasn’t sure if I wanted to barf or pass out.  Instead of getting money out of the car and walking back to CVS to get Gatorade, I opted for only the Starbucks.  Regretting not having that Gatorade today.  Nice knots in my calves.   They tested the fire alarm when I was in the shower at the gym, that was nice.  Luckily I was forewarned, or I would have been really mad.  But I can say now that i’ve showered with sirens and strobe lights, lol!

Did some projects at home, grilled out for dinner.   3 different types of chicken (teriyaki, mesquite, and jerk), 7 different types of grilled veggies, grilled french bread, caprese pasta salad, and salad.   It was HOT, but I got the job done and Dan and sister loved it too.  Enjoyed those leftovers again today.  The pasta in a fritatta for lunch and the rest of it for dinner 🙂    

Today was pretty low key.  Got to the gym when it opened (the only time I can tolerate it for strength training).  Had an awesome workout.  What a difference a week and some sleep makes!  Got groceries, came home.  Attacked the week ahead and did some prep for the week.  I don’t do everything ahead, but given the opportunity, I at least do some of it.  And I always do my breakfast containers for the week on Sundays.    And I cooked lunch for part of the week.  This saves time and energy for later in the week and makes sure I am prepared.  Dan was actually awake when I got home and had been asking I make monster fruit salad again (did that alot last year), so he pitted cherries and we made a yummy fruit salad with pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, canteloupe, and strawberries.  That ought to make a great dessert or part of a snack!

Breakfasts:  ff sf lattes, vanilla oatbran (half of week has blueberries, other is peaches).  I actually eat  2 breakfasts.  The latte on the way to work and the oats around 9-9:30.  On the mornings I workout, there is some else added in there when I wake up.

Lunches: 1 day will be out with coworkers.  Other 4 are:  Rustic Lentil Salad from Rhodey Girl Tests.

Snacks:  I eat at least 2 a day, they are usually random.  Things I like are hummus filled egg whites, dip and veggies, greek yogurt,  fruit, banana and pb,  etc.  My evening snack is always cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit.  I like my cottage cheese sweet and smooth, so I make it that way.

Dinners:  The only thing I prepped was salad.  It was huge with romaine, red and green bell pepper, green onions, cucumbers, and broccoli.  The tomatoes will go on later when it’s served.   Things on tap for dinner this week are Eggplant Parmigiana, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and maybe something grilled (fish?) toward the end of the week.  We may be out on Wed and Thur, so those nights will probably be leftovers or something quick.  I refuse to eat at Hill’s, their food is gross, no need to pay for shitty food.

Whew!  For not doing alot, I sure feel like I did quite a bit.   At least some food items, laundry, and some cleaning are done.  At least I am ready for another week at work, well foodwise anyhow.  Looks like I have to get there extra early to get some stuff done, not looking forward to that!

Have a fabulous week!  Only 5 days until a 3 day holiday weekend!  What is everyone doing for the 4th?

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